Jake Gyllenhaal Is Obsessed with Tom Holland as Spider-Man

-Congrats, by the way, on the new Marvel chapter
in your life. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Oh, thank you. Mysterio.
-They know. Dude, it was a big deal
when the trailer came out. You’re gonna be Mysterio
in the new “Spider-Man.” -Yes.
-And I was psyched about that. And I saw that Ryan Reynolds,
our pal, posted a — I’m gonna cross this out ’cause there was a couple
dirty words. You can’t see it.
-Oh, wow. -Ryan Reynolds posted a photo
of you and Hugh Jackman at a holiday party. -That’s Photoshopped.
We weren’t actually together. [ Laughter ] -And it said, “These dudes
said it was a sweater party.” So, you —
[ Laughter ] Yeah. I think it’s the greatest
photo — greatest reaction. I just loved that.
And I thought it was great. So then,
you finally joined Instagram. -Yeah.
-You, what — I mean — [ Cheers and applause ]
-You’re the last holdout! -Thank you!
I mean — -You’re the last holdout, dude.
We’ve been waiting for you. -The last person
to join Instagram. -Yes, Instagram’s
been waiting for you. -Yeah, I came to the conclusion that nobody cares
about anything anymore, so I should join Instagram.
[ Laughter ] -No, people — They care.
-Oh, they do? -Yeah.
That’s why they join Instagram. -Oh, yeah, no.
-They care about everybody. -I’m not even sure
if I’m on Instagram. -You’re definitely on.
-I am? -I’ve seen you on Instagram.
-No, I’m on Instagram. -Yeah, you are.
-I’m on Instagram. -Well, you took that photo —
That was that photo. And then, you took —
You Photoshopped that photo. And then, you,
Deadpool, you’re on Wolverine — Is that bubble boy?
-Yes, that is bubble — [ Laughter ] And Spider-Man, too,
in the corner. -Yeah, that’s Spidey
over there in the corner. -That’s Spider-Man
in the corner. That’s actually
a guy named Bosslogic. He did that actually. -Oh, is that
who did that for you? -Yeah, we should give
a shout-out to that guy, ’cause I have
no artistic skill whatsoever. There’d be no possibility
that I could pull that off. -Bosslogic?
-Bosslogic, yeah. -“Baas” or “Boss”?
-I don’t know, man. -I mean, do you know somebody
named Bosslogic? -That’s the guy
who did that picture — Bosslogic.
“Ba-sla-jik.” -“Ba-sla-jik”?
-“Ba-sla-jik.” -His name is “Bas-laji.”
-“Bas-laji.” -Oh, Bosslogic.
-It’s Bosslogic. -Oh, my gosh.
Yeah, no, of course. -He’s amazing.
-Nikolai Baslajic, yeah. [ Laughter ]
He’s a CIA agent. He’s wanted in 30 countries.
Yes! -Baslajica?
-Yes, in Baslajica. Baslajica — that’s where
he’s from, of course. But, dude,
here’s you as Mysterio. Look at this.
You came on the screen, people went “Whoa!”
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -Oh, and how’s —
See what I’m saying, dude? -Who knew —
Who knew that — The thing is, is like,
those are the actual green lasers
that I shoot out of my hands. -Yes, I’ve known that for years. -That’s what I can do,
and that’s why they hired me. -And finally, you can put that
to good use in a film. -Yeah, finally!
Finally! -I mean, you play tricks when you’re in movie theaters
and stuff. -When I was a kid,
my dad’s like, “What are we gonna do
with this kid.” -Laser hands!
Oh, my gosh. And now, here you are
in a big-time movie. -Yeah!
It paid off, man. -How’s Tom Holland?
-He’s great, dude. -Dude, he’s great?
-He’s awesome. -Yeah, he’s good.
-He’s the nicest guy. In the world.
-He is. -I’m super into him
as Spider-Man. -Yeah.
But I think it’s more fun what you’re doing on Instagram. You’re kind of
trolling him a little bit. -My God.
This whole Instagram thing… You’re really into it.
-Dude, I’m totally — -You are obsessed
with my Instagram. -Oh, yes, your Instagram.
-[ Laughing ] Yeah, follow Jake on Instagram,
@jakegyllenhaal. -That’s my name.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] I’m surprised you got that name ’cause you weren’t
on Instagram so long. Somebody else probably took it. -I think someone
snatched it up pretty early. -Did you have to buy it
from a stranger? -[ Laughs ]
[ Laughter ] -That said
that they were Jake Gyllenhaal? -No.
Someone got it for me. [ Laughter ] -Just tell me.
-I got friends. -Was it Baslajic?
-Baslajic. [ Laughter ] -I don’t know about that guy.
That guy can do anything. You want it done,
call Baslajic. -Bosslogic is freaking out
right now. -He will take care of it, man. He will take care
of all of it. -I had it.
Someone had it. I don’t know how he had it,
but we had it. -Well, you have it now.
It’s @jakegyllenhaal. And you posted this funny thing,
I thought, of Tom Holland. I think he was
just doing an interview. You took all the vocals —
all the audio out of his interview,
added this weird music. Just watch. ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] -Oh!
-Yeah. -He’s just…amazing. [ Laughter ] -He’s just dreamy.
-He just is.