Joe’s Lung Cancer Journey – Joe has a symptom

It’s been a while, Joe. Yeah, a bit. How’ve you been? I’ve been better. Who hasn’t? Yeah, right… [Joe coughing] What’s bothering you the most? You know. Same old. Grandkid running amok. Stevie? Yeah, little black dot. Telling me he’s going to school when he’s not. He must think I’m stupid or something. [Joe coughing] Joe, that cough’s no good. How long have you had that for? Long time. Weeks? Yeah, weeks. A month, maybe a bit more. Is it bothering you? Keeps me awake a bit. Any problems with your breathing? Yeah. It’s a bit difficult sometimes. The Doctor’s here. Would you like me to see if I can book you in? It’s just a cough. It doesn’t sound good though and you’ve had it for a while. You should get it checked out. Nah, too much trouble. It’s no trouble. Would you like me to see if the Doctor’s free? I dunno. I could come in with you if you like. [Joe coughs, and then nods] Great. I’ll be back in a minute.