(JABY) Hello People! I am Jaby Koay , joined by Becky Zak (BECKY) HELLO! and…I was gonna say Achara Zak…Jesus Christ! (CHLOE) Sure!! It’s a good name..I’ll take it! (JABY) Chloe Zak! We’re looking at JORDINDIAN SMOKE SHISHA PLAY FIFA! it rhymed…I just realized that it rhymes. SSPF! (SMOKE SHISHA PLAY FIFA) Thank You JORDINDIAN for allowing us to react to this.
Very much appreciated…love your stuff. So y’all know what FIFA is…Yes! and you know what Shi..Shi…*stutters*
(ALL) SHISHA IS and you know how to say it (GUESTS) SHIIISHAAA! (that intro man!) (CHLOE) That was so fun!
(BECKY) omg!..what a tune! (CHLOE) It was so catchy (and) so funny. (JABY) Flight Of The Conchords…that’s what it reminded me of. (BECKY) It reminded me of… ‘I like sports and I don’t care who knows’.
(BOTH) omg..thelonelyisland(YT channel) (JABY) lonely island? Wh..what is that? (BECKY) Did you watch ‘We Like Sportz’?
it’s the same vibe of like..kinda bit dorky and like tryna like things that other people like.It’s smart.
(CHLOE) And trying to look cool but not quite getting there. (BECKY) Yeah! And it’s way way old…super old.
(it was uploaded on YT in old!) (JABY) That was pretty slick though how he’s like
“play FIFA” and kicked the ball like it was nothing.
(BOTH) Yeah! (CHLOE) and the dance was cool…so funny like the way they rhymed their stuff…it’s just so (BECKY) I love how like…nursery rhyme-ish it was..slow…the rap is like slow and simple…so funny! (JABY) Well it’s great because everyone gets into it..they can all sing along (BOTH) Yeah! Totally! It can be like an anthem. (BECKY) I’m gonna remember it for days (CHLOE) It’s going to be on my head. (JABY) Can you do a fan video…on Buzzfeed?
(CHLOE) We should…Yeahh *cracks* (JABY) OH! I forget to mention these two work with Buzzfeed.
How long have you been with Buzzfeed? (CHLOE) Oh god! I have been there (for) 4 years which is insane. I don’t know how that’s happened
(JABY) How about you? (BECKY) I just quit! (JABY) I love the emphasis he put on ‘hummus’.
(BOTH) Yeah! (BECKY) I love anything that embraces your culture but like playfully , lovingly mocks your culture.I love it. (JABY) Well this is an Indian.
(BECKY)No..I know but he’s like…he’s the one from the middle east and like showing him around. (BECKY) And then he gets to join in because he’s lil’ mate.It’s cute. (JABY) His expressions are so great…his facial expressions are just so big like even at the very beginning , the way that he looks at him. It’s just so…i don’t know. That’s funny! (CHLOE) I mean like…they obviously work really well together.
(BECKY) Yeah! I mean I have never seen them talk to each other but they just seem to have like a really cool vibe. (JABY) And then the Indian one the one from India,he’s got that very good straight-face.
(BOTH) Yes! (CHLOE) He said he’s like a happy meal! What was that line? So funny! (JABY) I was actually…*bless you*. I choked on YouTube. What I was impressed by was the locations.
(BOTH) Yes! If you guys have ever tried to shoot a video…it gets shut down really fast.
(BOTH) Yup! (CHLOE) And you pay so much.. in like..fees.
It’s like..oh yes this will cost $10K for shooting this part. (JABY) Oh! For real. There’s a pancake place near here that I wanted to shoot a short film at. and I was like…’how much would it be per evening and he’s like ‘oh about $1500’ .
(BOTH) Jesus! I was like..What the hell! That’s a lot of money.
And the pancake place isn’t even all that it’s not even Hollywood…it’s like not downtown LA.
It’s Sherman Oaks. like no one drives to shoot here.
(CHLOE) Calm down. (JABY) Except for this IHOP looking place down the street.That’s it. (BECKY) So their assumption is that they would sell $1500 worth of pancakes is they were open to the public.
(CHLOE) Yeah which is BULLSHIT. (BECKY) I don’t that is true.
*YOU THINK!-friends reference :)* (CHLOE) They are just saying that because they are tryna get whatever they can out of it.Which is..mean. (BECKY) I have done that a lot with an old job…lots of locations going in.
(CHLOE) It is hard. (CHLOE) And it looks amazing like all locations are beautiful.It is shot really nicely.It’s so cool (BECKY) That’s what I mean…it’s mocking it lovingly because he’s showing off the locations. I know my stomach is rumbling (JABY-silent laughter to a short loud one)
(CHLOE) I hear that.
(BECKY) I am a hungry girl. (JABY) I’m sorry…I’ve been working in the deaf.
(BECKY) That’s fine.It’s showbiz I’m starving like a model! (JABY) Here we actually get to talk about sometimes my stomach will grumble louder than I speak and I’m like… uhh…look y’all we’ve been shooting for a while. But I agree with you.
(BECKY) He’s showing it off at the same time he is like joking about it.It’s cute. I love it. (JABY) It also gives you a kind of incentive to go and visit.
(BOTH) I wanna go there…I want to play FIFA!*goddamnit that one was killer :))* (CHLOE) ‘I wanna play fifa’.I don’t (BECKY) I love FIFA. *one more in the squad,yes!*
(CHLOE) Do you? (JABY) (There) was the hyberbole of going anywhere and playing FIFA and smoking shisha at the same time. (BECKY) I liked it in the car.
(JABY) Exactly! (JABY) If you are an…you know Asian in LA that might be possible *chuckles* they used to have like..a Chinese or Korean and Japanese street racers they’ll put like Gran Turismo in their car and play.
(CHLOE)HAA..ILLEGAL! according to a movie I watched once
*I bet it’s fast and furious* It’s called fast and furious.
*told ya…I’m a pyschic* (CHLOE) Oh…fast and furious (JABY) The FAST and the FURIOUS…The very first one if you go watch the first one, there’s this Asian dude…it’s so Asian like it’s almost racist.
*Hey, he said it..not me* (JABY) He’s playing a game in his car while he is waiting to race. (CHLOE) I have seen the first one,I remember it’s been a while (JABY) It’s stuck in my brain.
(CHLOE) ‘Coz you are’s illegal. (JABY) Well being half Asian you notice like,when there is an Asian in the movie,you know. (CHLOE)We know…it’s when british people are around.That’s about it. (JABY) I love all the locations here..I love the…that they went to a game cafe (CHLOE)Is that what it is? I wanted to know what it was.
(BECKY) OHHH! I couldn’t tell what it was
*we could..Rs.20 per hour πŸ™‚ * (JABY) A Cyber Café! We used to have cyber cafes here in the states and then they largely got rid of them because everyone has internet. (CHLOE) That’s what I thought like…cyber café was like going to like just check emails for you guys it was…like playing games.
(JABY) Oh yeah! like that used to be a whole thing. They still kinda have it here. computers are much more affordable to make nowadays but they used have like spec’d up computers where you could go like there’s a place in Glendale I used to go to all the time called CNC café,they closed it down but you could go there…until like 4 in the morning and they’d have all these computers that you could play on and play CounterStrike and all these…
(BOTH) That sounds like an arcade. (BECKY) Are you thinking of an arcade? (JABY)It’s not an arcade.
*it is jaby ,it is* (CHLOE) YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! (JABY) What you are thinking of is 1UP.
(CHLOE) Yes, I like 1UP,It’s cool. (JABY) That’s it I like 1UP..that’s a good one.
(CHLOE) It’s fun…has Mario brother, the old one. (JABY) And I love that that went to the Indiana Jones place like if you ever watch the third Indiana Jones
(the last crusade) even though it wasn’t the last crusade.This is the location they were at.That’s where Jesus’ cup was. (CHLOE) I didn’t realize that…is it that obvious? (JABY) It just looks like that…exactly like that.
(BOTH) That’ll do it. (JABY) That right there!
(BECKY) Why are pointing at the horse? (JABY) Nooo!
(BECKY) The horse is probably dead if it is from Tomb Raider. (CHLOE) TOMB RAIDER?
(BECKY) Wait…what were we talking about? (BECKY) What movie was it.. ghost..? Indiana Jones.
(CHLOE) GHOST!? (BECKY) The one with the hat,right?
(CHLOE) what are you talking about? (BECKY) Totally was a hat!
(CHLOE) Can we take it off the show now? (BECKY) I never said I was a movie buff! I’m just a woman with…things to say. (JABY) I didn’t promise…I said I would speak I didn’t say it was going to be smart(chuckles all the way) I made no promises.
It’s always what I say about my jokes like I promised jokes, I didn’t say they would be good. (CLOSING) You guys …thank you so much for hanging out with us. Thank you JORDINDIAN for allowing us to react to this LOVED this video,this was awesome! I AM ‘JABY KOAY’ AND THIS IS ‘BECKY ZAK’ and ‘CHLOE ZAK