Kindred Hospitals: Specialists in Caring for Patients with Respiratory Failure

Kindred is an industry leader in post-acute care, and respiratory failure was a very common diagnosis. So as a team we
decided to embark on a journey toward disease-specific certification in
respiratory failure by the Joint Commission. It is a way to ensure that we
are nationally recognized and certified to provide respiratory care for a
patient with respiratory failure. It’s a very focused approach to their
respiratory care and our pulmonary program we identify our patients based
on their admitting diagnoses. We look for the respiratory diagnosis such as COPD,
pneumonia, respiratory failure, focus on patients that are on ventilators. We
focus on patients that have airways, and we focus on patients that just need that
extra pulmonary rehabilitation. We’re really involving the patient and the
family, so when we onboard them we teach them about our pulmonary program, we teach them about their care plan and then we invite them to be
involved in the rounding. The entire team comes together to talk about the patients at the bedside to get the patient involved in their own care, to
get their family members involved in their own care. We are moving the patient
early, we are allowing the patient to progress early, it’s an opportunity for
us to all be on the same page and make sure we’re progressing the patient to
the next level. We do breathing exercises, we do a lot of focus on education, and
with the ventilators and with the airway patients we’re focusing on weaning those
and getting off of those. These patients get one-on-one individual attention from a therapist, coaching them on their breathing exercises, retraining their
body and their mind, how to breathe in a different way. And it’s really the
support that they need to have a full recovery and better manage their
diseases at home. We’ve seen a decrease in our ventilator days, we’ve seen a
decrease in our patients needing to be intubated, and that is because we’ve
decreased our variation and we’ve standardized our practices, and when you
do that it yields better outcomes. Having a program that is established, it gets conducted every single day on every single patient, it makes a difference. I
think that a physician who is looking for a place to admit their patient,
knowing that we have this standardized practice with our really good quality
measures that are showing that our care is good, then we would be the provider of
choice. Kindred just has that family feeling — we get to know our patients we
get to spend one-on-one time with them, we really get to connect with them. It’s
not just one patient in, one patient out — we spend time with them every day and
that’s what makes a difference.