love exists but with an absence of eternity at the first moment of a lover’s encounter there’s an affirmation of love psychologically, lunacy, emptiness panic, delusion that the moment will last forever i hide behind my back ♫2 CIGARETTES BY JACK&JACK FMV BY SHINLEE KRYSTALIZED Lately I can feel us drifting both of us been acting different we used to be so consistent is there nothing left to say? now i see your face and i just don’t know you like the picture’s there but it’s not quite focused and I know it won’t, but I’m still here hoping that it gets better now it gets better now yeah no more late nights, us just talking used to facetime, now you just calling it’s no one’s fault but some things just fall apart i smoke two cigarettes and I don’t even smoke, no now the sun’s coming up and I’m halfway sober and i know it won’t but I’m still here hoping that it gets better now how’d it get so complicated? can’t even have no conversation past the point of trying to save it but we push it to another day