Lower Back Pain-COPD-Tummy Tuck Scarring – Maureen C

(Music) My name is Maureen, and I am here to see Dr. Jaudy. I’ve been going… this is my fifth day, and I came in with a problem of lower back pain for long-duration that I’ve had it. Also, I have been diagnosed with COPD, and I have… my doctor noticed it four or five years ago, and then she sent me to a specialist, and I have been seeing him for two years. I have been taking an inhaler, and I met, found out about Dr. Jaudy, and I talked to people that have had wonderful success coming here, and so I wanted to see what was happening, and what I realized is that I have been spending money for eons on many, many doctors, and now I thought that I was worth it, to have see what could happen with Dr. Jaudy, and I am so glad that I took advantage of the opportunity. I also have a scarring from, let’s see, I have three sons, and many years ago, when I was through having children, I ended up with a lot of excess skin on my stomach because I’m a small person, and at that time it was recommended by my doctor that I get a tummy tuck, which I did, and certainly alleved my vanity of having all that skin, but I understand from Dr. Jaudy that it’s left a lot of scar tissue, Dr. Jaudy is using Organ Remapping to make everything work in unison, and all that area is getting much better, and I feel like my body is healing again, even at my age. So, I’m very happy about that. For my COPD I have been taking inhalers probably for the last three years. After two years, I was going to a specialist for my lungs, and he got me on to another inhaler, and that one was stronger, and I was also taking that on a daily basis, so my lungs are now free from any wheezing whatsoever, and it took five days. What makes Dr. Jaudy different for me than any other of the physicians I’ve gone to in the past, is that he works on my whole body. He works on integrating all of my organs and my brain and my feet, everything else. It all… works together, and also he has such a passion. He is so passionate about what he does, and I get to keep coming here until I’m fixed, and also Dr. Jaudy has, at the most, a three-week a program, and many people take less than that, I understand, and it doesn’t keep me coming back and back. He prescribes no prescriptions, and so I’m not putting foreign substances in my body, but right now I am working on getting toxins out of my body, because that’s a problem I have too, not only for my lungs but my whole GI tract. My hope is that lots of people find out about Dr. Jaudy, and that they are able to have this healing process that I’m having. I just can’t say enough about it. It’s just been a life changer and a life-giver (Music)