Lung cancer carer story – Ben: Embracing Reality

At first, obviously very sad
very depressed because the only thing I could think of and the only thing I could
really fixate on was like you know those commercials about two old people walking
through the park holding hands I mean that was the only thing
I could think of. And I knew that that would not occur, but then I learned that,
there is no reason why that is not going to occur
that may very well occur. And so, I had to stop thinking of the definites what wouldn’t happen, and start embracing the, hey what’s happening right now, you know like, oh were going
to have a great vacation to this destination, lets plan this and enjoy
the time right now, instead of thinking about, oh my gosh we’re not
going to be able to retire to Phoenix together
when were both 85 and 90. I mean the fact is I may,
you know, get crashed in a car next week and that couldn’t occur either. So those kind of, realistic thoughts, kind of force you to spend more time on enjoying now, which to be honest is
something you should do even without a cancer diagnosis right?