Lung Cancer – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment | Dr.Sanjay Deshmukh

Lung cancer is the most common cancer in the World. World wide they’re almost 1.8 million, that is eighteen lakh…Eight people suffered with this Cancer. and almost 1.2 million people die with lung cancer. lung cancer in India is also one of the most common, Gingerly preceded by oral cancers and cancers of the throat. Cancer of the throat sometimes in some stage can actually take upper number than the lung cancer. The most common cause for lung cancer is tobacco and tobacco related products use. The commonest tobacco use in India was tobacco chewing and tobacco chewing off the lead,
has been shifted to smoking. Smoking used to be more common in the western part of the world and in the western part of the world the Cancer of lung incidents from very high. In India this lung cancer incidence is rising rapidly because most of the lung cancer or smoking restrictions are in the rest of the world. and those restrictions are not as strict as they are in western country that’s why most of the tobacco products have been dumped in India and with the more and more cheaper cigarettes and cigarette promotion in the young adults this has led to more common and increasing incidence in Lung cancer. Lung cancer obviously not only is because of the tobacco use of smoking It also is sometimes use big, it is because of the, genetic predisposition or sometimes because of the inherent false into a one self and that can be to the tune of almost forty plus. In lung cancer the communist symptoms which anyone wouldn’t really have to be worried about is a nagging Cough for a long time. Or blood coming out through the sputum. or breathlessness which is increasing or sustaining for longer time again unrelated weight loss, unrelated loss of appetite, is also a cause of concern. The… the easiest way to really look at, Prevent or diagnose lung cancer will be the testing of the sputum to see if there are tumor cells. but again that can be if there is a blood in the sputum or sometimes even the microscopic Blood deposits into the sputum but most of the cancer sometimes cannot have blood in the sputum still that can be lung cancer. In those cases are people who have a history of smoking more than twenty year… one pack a week . Should actually do a CT scan every year. Now, this comes in to kind of area Called as chronic smoking. If you are a chronic smoker and you should first think is that you should try and see that you should kickoff the Habbit. If you can kickoff the habbit there are people there are ways to go about it and you can do that in the… in the stage manner and you can kick off one of the worst habbit of this century. But, again if even if you are a ex smoker you should get a CT scan of lung. To be done for detecting a early cancer. One of the reason which is for this is that lung cancer in the early diagnosis when it diagnosed early Is almost more than ninety percent curable. It requires surgery. A surgery, lung surgery is very precision base surgery. It is safe surgery. It does not have too much of morbidity or mortality now present techniques. It can be done by a robotic lobectomy. which is done regularly by us Also it can be open city which is again one of the commonest mode of doing it. and it can get patient completely cured of the disease. But again at the same time the another modalities for treatment for lung cancer also greatly improved the commonest Presentation in India almost 80 percent of patients present with advance lung cancer. Now, these advance lung cancers previously used to have a not more than four to six months of average survival. That means they would have probably not live beyond four to six months this was around ten years back now this has vastly improved. This statistics has gone to almost fourteen to eighteen months which is a way long kind of improvement. Because of the newer drugs. There are newer drugs which can, some in some patients work for years together and sometimes patients with advanced lung cancers can probably cross five years or more than that, and this is with the newer advances in the genomic… profiling and the treatment pattern of this lung cancer will definitely help patients. One very important message which is there is that we can actually largely… almost fifty percent of times, we can prevent this lung cancer by not getting into the habit of smoking. And one of the best way is that if kids are not really exposed to smoking till the age of tewnty five there is almost less than five percent chance of they getting addicted to cigarette smoking. So what you have to understand that we have to see that the kids should not go to tobacco products till the age of twenty five. And than there is…obviously they are adults then and statistics shows that the the very last chance of them getting addicted So, that is one very important thing. Second important thing is that, you have to be vigilant, you have to extrovigilant if you are a smoker you should get one good quality city scan which will detect any small masses of small things in the lungs it is not very costly and it is very easy available all over India. And obviously again kick the habit and get to the atleast In coming five years when you reach to five years of non smokers period. You can get maybe near to the normal incidence of lung cancer. Lung cancer incidence compaired to rest of the world is quite less in India, yeah but it gets diagnosed quite late. And that’s why the surveillance are not really very good. So, we have to really improve on diagnosis, Treatment an early management and prevention.