Lung Cancer Screening Patient Story

(slow music) – Victor was picking me
up from work one evening from MedStar Harbor Hospital and he saw the flyer that discussed the lung cancer screening. – When I first saw the flyer I had no signs or symptoms of
having any type of disease. Because my past history of smoking I decided it’s time to get checked. – My personal story is that
I’m a lung cancer survivor and I was diagnosed in 2006. Back then there were no such thing as a lung cancer screening. Fortunately I beat
cancer, its 13 years later and looking back on everything and the fact that they didn’t
have lung cancer screening back then and they do now. I encourage him to do this. I was on the phone with Victor and we were told that he had
a mass in the left upper lobe that was small but concerning because
it had spiculated edges. Doctor Gambial was concerned about it because he’d noticed it
starting to get larger and it had to get large enough before he could do a biopsy on it. And then that was done. And then that’s what showed the cancer. – I was kinda heart broken because I had lived through cancer, but at the same time I wanted
to give him hope just to live and lets just play this
out and see what happens. So, I was really scared for Victor. – Some of the joy in my
home is being able to get up and be healthy enough
to do certain things. Around the house I like to do laundry. I like to make coffee and cook. I also like to just help out my wife. – He does, he’s a great
help around the house. I’m so blessed to have him. – My grandson Evan… Spent a lot of time with him. Interacting with him. When Evan and I are home we like to watch tv. We like to watch Science Channel. He likes science. We do some reading. We do play some games and then he has his time on his iPad. – Well Victor and I are
thankful for the screening. For the lung cancer screening
that MedStar Health offers. It saved his life. We’re able to continue living our lives as two peas in a pod and spend time with our grandchildren and do great things. (slow music)