Lung Cancer Survivor Mary Kirka – Patient Story | CyberKnife® at Saint Peter’s

I had no idea that I had anything, I do have COPD -severe COPD-. So anything with my lungs or breathing-I was used to what it was, it’s short, my breath is short and I had difficulty at times, and I have regular appointments with my Pulmonologist who is also my primary. So I just so happened– somewhere in April/May I got shingles on my face, and I thought, well, I had to go to the doctor, so I went to the doctor and he said to me, “By the way,” since he’s my Pulmonologist, “When did we do your last scan?” Periodically, I would go for a lung scan and I said, “It’s been awhile now that I think of it too.” So he sent me for the lung scan, almost like he suspected something. So I went for my scan and I brought the disc back we and looked at it and I zeroed right in, “What is that?” he said, “I’ll get to that.” And then he told me it was cancer. The scan shows that it’s like a stage 1 and it has no friends, it’s just there, you know, in its own little spot. So, we talked about what options I had. When I came here, everyone was just so wonderful and so simple, I thought, you know, how much of this can I through and it sounded too good to be true but I chose it, and I’m glad I did. By the time my CyberKnife treatments began – it was 4 days – and just lay there for 45 minutes, that was it, 4 days I was done. I’d go home and do what I usually did, I noticed no side effects – I kept waiting for something – you know, the other shoe to drop or something, and they had confidence in what they were telling me and this really stood out. The results afterward when I went for my scan, you know, my primary said to me, looked at the disc and he said, “That thing was fried.” And that was it but everybody-anybody I came in contact with here regarding the CyberKnife, they’re fabulous. Captions by