Lung Cancer Symptoms & Warning Signs

>>>DR. DAVID S. HANSON: David S. Hanson,
MD, FACP: Let us talk for a minute about the signs and symptoms of lung cancer. Lung cancer
is a very common illness and it is oftentimes seen in people who abuse cigarettes or other
forms of tobacco. So when a person has a new cough, blood in
their sputum, unexplained weight loss, or changed in their voice, they need to inform
the patient of this occurrence and the reason for that is, is that lung cancer is a very
difficult disease to screen for. Well, there may be data that certain patients
can benefit from Annual CAT scan screening, the majority of patients will develop their
cancer in between even a yearly screening and some new symptoms mandate an evaluation. The other thing that is important to remember
is that the symptoms may not seem to be related to your lungs. You may suddenly experience
a lack of appetite, unexplained weight loss, new pain or swelling in an area that you do
not associate with your chest. So if you have a change in your physical health
and are a smoker, in particular, you should seek an evaluation with a physician.