Lung cancer treatment: where are we now?

The development of medical treatment in lung
cancer has been spectacular in the past few years, and we are now beyond chemotherapy,
which continues to play a role in some specific lung cancers, but we have so many other choices. If you look at the TKIs, for example, we have
remarkable data displacing older ones by new ones. One of my colleagues from Lausanne, Professor Solange Peters published in the New England Journal of Medicine a very important work last year,
nilotinib, along with some other colleagues in other journals, and this is now the first
treatment choice in the setting of a very rare but very well-recognised entity which
is ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer Immunotherapy is a buzzword nowadays, everyone
speaks about immunotherapy, and we had a wonderful review by Benjamin Besse from the institute
of Gustave Roussy about this topic. The developments in immunotherapy are so fast,
so quick, so amazing that it changes every month. What is important is to realize that while
we realize that some of these agents continue to accumulate success after success, and one cannot stop mentioning one drug which is pembrolizumab, we have also many other drugs, but you also have to see that some studies have been completely negative. So, the use of these agents have to be very
carefully monitored and done in the setting of the guidelines put forward by the European
Society of Medical Oncology and other learned societies.