Lung cancer: what are risks and symptoms?

Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer in men and women. It’s definitely a cancer that as a physician we have in mind when we’re talking to patients while doing some of their
general screening and physical exams. There are definitely symptoms for lung cancer. They’re a little non-specific, and so if you’re having a cough perhaps
that has not resolved despite medical attention and treatment, I think it’s important to come and see your physician. It’s important to have
follow up. I have some patients perhaps that may go and receive urgent or emergent services but they don’t follow back or trail back to their primary care physician. That resolution will help us determine whether or not you’re at risk or if we need to continue investigating why the persistence of this cough. I would say the majority of the time the things that are pretty benign. But you never know and you don’t want to miss it. Not all cancers lead to death. It’s a really important point to remember because there’s a lot of fear surrounding the word cancer and oftentimes we’re afraid to hear it and yet most of those cancers if detected early are curable.