Mariah Carey Reacts to “All I Want For Christmas Is You,’ ‘Obsessed’ & More | Throw It Back

– Hi, I’m Mariah Carey. And we’re about to throw
it back with Billboard. (upbeat music) Yay (sighs) Okay, so looking at this album cover. My first album, my very first album cover. Mariah Carey. I know, I got really
creative with the title. Honestly, I’m looking at
some really bad retouching that they did on my teeth for some reason. I don’t know why they did that. It wasn’t necessary. (laughs) And my little brother/nephew
once told me that I look like George Washington in this photo. I think it’s the hair, I don’t know. So every time I look at this
picture, all I think about is the fact that he
told me that I look like George Washington, I don’t know. ♪ And you know you can survive ♪ ♪ So when you feel like hope is gone ♪ I’m looking at this particular shot going I would now kill somebody for
leaving that shot in here. Because it’s just a full-on
shot from my bad side. And it’s something that I
would’ve definitely removed but back then they kind
of told me everything like tell me what to do. But I would love to re-edit
this video and this performance. The whole thing. But, I’m very thankful for this song. Let me be serious for a minute. I’m really proud of it
because of the fact that it has endured for a really long time and a lot of people have
told me that it helped save their lives and they’ve
had it tattooed on their bodies and just persevered
through difficult times and I’ve performed it at
the benefit on 9/11/2001. A tribute to heroes was
the name of the show. I’ve performed it at the
inauguration of President Obama. So as a songwriter it’s a huge deal for me that I have the song. So for me to nitpick the
video about my bad side is kind of rude, but
I’ll give myself break. ♪ Christmas ♪ ♪ This is all I’m askin’ for ♪ ♪ I just wanna see my baby ♪ This is so festive, you
can’t say it’s not festive! I don’t love every shot in this video. But it’s the first
Christmas song I ever wrote, and it makes me happy every
single year that I listen to it. And when people tell me that I’m a part of their holiday celebrations and that I have been part
of their holiday memories and that we’re gonna continue doing this and when I meet little kids and they’re singing the song to me and they’re like four years old, it’s the most incredible feeling ever. So thank you anybody out
there that’s ever heard and loved the song. ♪ Sweet sweet fantasy baby ♪ Okay, I rode the
rollercoaster at Rye Playland I don’t know how many
times to do this video. I directed this video actually. I don’t know if anybody really
knows that or what they know. And then when ODB was
there it was his idea to put on the wig and to tie up the clown but I had one of the
best times making a video prior to the next chapter of my life which was a butterfly era and honey and all those videos that followed that I had a great time cause I
got to ride the rollercoaster that many times and I
love riding rollercoasters and I got to hang out
with ODB upstate New York when he went wig shopping and we just had the best time ever. So Heartbreaker is one
of my favorite videos that I’ve ever done, I had the best time. We recreated I don’t know how to explain it. We created a character called Bianca. Christopher Buckle, the
fabulous Christopher Buckle did a total transformation
of me and created this version of me, dark haired version, the villainous version of Mariah Carey and her name is Bianca. And we have a fight scene,
Jackie Chan choreographed the fight scene and it was so much fun. Also I ripped off the top
of my jeans for this video and I noticed that the low
whatever you want to call it. Low rider? What are they
called? The jeans with a lower Cause other than that the
jeans people were wearing were high waisted and and I was like why? Why are we doing a high waisted
jean, that’s not flattering. I didn’t understand it.
So me and my stylist then, Stylist Tonjua Twist
may she rest in peace, we cut the top of the jeans
off and ripped them off. We cut them and then ripped them. Then I did the video with
those jeans on and afterwards I went to the studio and I remember DJ Clue and my friend Tracy
were there and they were like where did you get the jeans? And then I noticed the
next really soon after that all these designers were
doing the same cut of jeans and I’m like, why did nobody patent this? But it’s okay, I made it through and I still hate high waisted jeans. One of my favorite
collaborations I’ve ever done was with the incomparable Whitney Houston. We did a song for the
movie The Prince of Egypt called When You Believe. I’m looking at this picture which is from our live performance at the Oscars. Ms. Debbie Allen who I
love with all my heart told us that we both had to
wear white, and I was like okay. So I remember that Joan
Rivers made me feel horrible. She was like I heard you gained weight, but you look great to me. And I’m like thank you,
now I have to go sing live at the Oscars with
Whitney Houston on stage in front of the entire world. But anyway, God bless her. This was one of my favorite nights ever. Working with Whitney was an
experience I’ll never forget and it was a bonding experience. Before that when we did the
video for When You Believe we really put all the whatever, the rumors and nonsense behind us. There was nothing, we
didn’t know each other. Once we knew each other, we
had the best time together and I was honored to work with her so when I look at this
picture I’m really proud that we had this moment together. ♪ …part of me ♪ ♪ It’s still so hard to believe ♪ Okay, so there’s a lot of things I could say about this video. When I got together with
Jermaine Dupri for the album The Emancipation of Mimi
I had already written and collaborated with a lot
of other people for that album and then L.A. Reid said to me
have you gone in with Jermaine what’s up with that and
the truth is I hadn’t gone in with Jermaine yet for that album. And I had this whole drama
with Glitter and it was like when is she going to have a huge comeback cause we can’t like her again
until it’s cool to like her. God forbid you have your own opinion and you just like the album Charmbracelet which is one of my personal
favorites but anyway. When we wrote this song, it
was the most focused writing session we had ever had together. I was listening to the rough all the way home on the airplane and I was like there is
something special about this song and then it became I think the
number one song of the decade for the early 2000s on
the Billboard charts. ♪ So, oh, oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Why you so obsessed with me ♪ ♪ Boy I want to know ♪ Okay, so I’m not gonna talk
about the writing process for this song because there was a very specific
inspiration for it. ♪ Oh oh oh ♪ (laughs) I had the best time making this video because once again Christopher Buckle recreated, or not recreated, created this character which is
not anybody specific. But it is the stalker, the male stalker. And I have never ever
ever put on any kind of even a blazer, I don’t do that. So this was a huge moment and even now that I have twins and
my twins are eight years old they look at this and
they’re like how is that you? (laughs) I’ll never forget the making
of that video or the song it actually had a huge
resurgence in 2019, this year. On Tik Tok where there was
this Obsessed challenge and it became a really big thing and my kids were like what is
this, let’s do this challenge the Obsessed challenge is
huge, we can’t believe it. I guess it felt like a new song to people. It had peaked at number 7 originally on the Billboard Hot 100. Not that that’s low, but compared to a number
1 I guess it’s low. It became my most streamed
song of the past year. So that’s kind of a big deal considering that it came out in 2009. So, fun fact about Obsessed.