Mariah Carey Tried “Obsessed” TikTok Challenge After Her Car Broke Down | Billboard News

Mariah Carey is known to participate in the hottest internet trends. Remember not too long ago she did the best Bottle Cap Challenge there ever was, ever! And now she’s back at it to participate in the recent Tik Tok #ObsessedChallenge where people sing and dance to her song, “Obsessed.” Users are sharing videos of themselves doing particular dance moves to the song. Why you so obsessed with… something like that. I can’t really get the moves right, and apparently neither could Mariah as she jumped on the trend after her car broke down on the way to Camp Mariah. “The freaking car broke down on the way to Camp Mariah,” she wrote in the caption. “So I decided to participate in the Tik Tok #Obsessed challenge… I lost!” In the video, Carey is seen walking in the rainy streets with an umbrella. before bursting into “Obsessed” with some serious dance moves. She doesn’t get too far, though, before admitting that she’s “screwing it up.” “I totally forgot it because we’re in the middle of the street, but I tried! I tried to do the challenge you guys! You win” I think Mariah wins for making this happen in the middle of being stranded and because “Obsessed” is currently seeing a surge in sales and streams as the song trends on TikTok. Win win, Mariah. Guys, make sure you check out the #obsessedchallenge for other funny clips of people sort of doing this dance move thing, and keep it right here on for all your music news. For Billboard News I’m Paul Costabile. ”We just nailed that!” ”Yeah we did!”