Meet The Twins Who’ve Shared Everything, Including A Boyfriend

Both: We have a deal with God. Becky: Ok, he’s taking both of us together. Amy: Exactly at the same time. COMM: Meet obsessive siblings Amy and Becky Glass, the incredible twins who haven’t been
apart for more than 30 minutes in 15 years. COMM: The 46-year-old sisters have taken things to the extreme by wearing the same clothes,
eating the same food and even once sharing the same boyfriend. Becky: He knew our differences, yet we were one package deal, so the three of us all
dated together. COMM: Amy and Becky were adopted just two months after they were born and grew up with
their adopted family in New Jersey, USA. Becky: I don’t know if it that made us even more closer with each other. COMM: After college they decided they couldn’t stand to be different, but chose a slight
twist. COMM: The same outfit, in different colours. Becky: We actually kind of like two different colours because it doubles our wardrobes. COMM: During their twenties, the pair even shared a boyfriend called Chris. Amy: It was kind of like who’s turn was it. Becky: It kind of felt natural, like we knew whose turn it was. Amy: It wasn’t even like a turn though, it was almost like… Sometimes it was who was in the mood
or, you know, I would be in the kitchen cooking dinner and come out and go “ok bye!”. That’s just what it would be! COMM: In their obsessive quest to be the other’s mirror image, Amy and Becky have been eating
and drinking exactly the same amount for 19 years to make sure their bodies match up. COMM: As well as carefully weighing and measuring what they consume, the pair stop eating as
soon as one of them is full, so as not to risk being different weights. Becky: The way we eat our food is very interesting. It’s very natural for us but we eat bite for
bite, sip for sip. Every single thing to stay the same weight. COMM: The twins now live together in Los Angeles where they share a bedroom and an office space
at their marketing company GT Events. Amy: We get to go to work every day at the same time, we have one car, one cell phone,
we share everything. Becky: We’re like one person in two bodies. COMM: And while some might find it impossible to spend that much time with another person,
the twins enjoy every minute of it. Becky: It’s kind of like when she’s not there it’s like oh my gosh, where’s my arm? It’s
like that kind of feeling. COMM: Today the twins are meeting their friend Mariene and her daughter Elisha who they haven’t
met before. Mariene: It’s kind of like a tennis match when you’re going like this back and forth
when you’re trying to listen to one talking and the other one finishes the sentence. Mariene: I do worry about if something ever happens to one of them because they’re so
connected and bonded. COMM: Amy and Becky turn heads wherever they go with their identical look. Matthew: It is a little strange they do everything together. Summer: It’s cool to be able to share your life with someone who knows exactly what you’re
thinking all the time. COMM: Although strange for some, the twins happily consider themselves married to one another
and have ruled out having children of their own. Becky: We don’t even want a pet, I can’t imagine having a child. We might have honestly thought
about it a millisecond. COMM: And with such an intense bond, they are single minded about their plans for the
future. Amy: We don’t have to answer to anybody. We have the same path in life, we have the
same company we share together. Becky: It’s kind of like we already have a soulmate with each other and we’re best friends.