MGK Nyguard Plus Flea & Tick Aerosol | ePestSolutions

Hi, I’m Chris Swain, Technical Service Manager
for MGK. Today, I will be talking about MGK�s flea
and tick aerosol Nyguard Plus. Over the past six months, I�ve had the opportunity
to do field and lab testing with Nyguard Plus and I noticed some unique characteristics
of the product that I found very beneficial for technicians. The first thing you’ll notice is Nyguard has
a larger actuator. The purpose for this actuator is to provide
a no drip application. Over the past six months, I did a lot of field
testing with technicians as well as lab testing. What I discovered is that there is no drip. It sprays with a very clean pattern. For technicians, one thing that’s very important
is during the spray process, you want to put the material where you want it and that we
don’t want it. One of the advantages of Nyguard Plus is that
it’s formulated to produce a small particle size. The advantage of a smaller particle size is
that when the product is actuated, it delivers a fine mist. Oftentimes with space sprays of this type,
they�ll deliver a larger particle that will accumulate on the actuator and result in a
drip onto the floor. I’ve used many flea and tick aerosol products
before and the fact that it does drip on the floor and it also drips on your hand, is something
that I didn’t like. You don’t get this with the Nyguard Plus aerosol
with the actuator. That’s something that I really like about
the product. I also liked that it has an odor neutralizer. This is unique to me. I think other technicians will find this very
unique. Just become accustomed to insecticides that
don’t necessarily smell good but that’s what we’ve have. This gives us an option which I find to be
extremely attractive. I like it. Homeowners will like it. I think most technicians will like it. It does work and knocks down adult fleas. Hopefully, it’s going to prevent a call back. That to me is a big concern. Nyguard Plus is formulated with an adulticide,
an insect synergist, and also an IGR. This formula delivers fast-acting activity
but then also the long-lasting control of Nyguard IGR. So you have the the fast knockdown effect
but then also the long residual effect due to the IGR. The overall flea market is definitely growing. It�s kind of bounced back in the past few
years. More homeowners are concerned with their homes. They put more money and spending more time
in their homes and so I believe that this is an opportunity for PNPs.