Mom Says 12-Year-Old Son Is ‘Addicted And Obsessed With Violent Video Games’

please our God boy even the speck in this boy my son is addicted and obsessed with violent video games yoga video games are my son’s number one priority he plays when he wants where he wants and for as long as he wants he has stayed on for up to 20 hours he never comes out of his room to eat with us but he will yell out from his room peasant bring me a plate the two games that he really likes to play the most or Grand Theft Auto and fortnight’s he gets very excited about the number of kills because the more kills you have the higher you go in the game it makes him very aggressive his favorite game right now is Grand Theft Auto it is very violent they robbed shoot kill beats and everything they do is demeaning to women chicken noodle yeah I’m coming quit amore when it my nephew’s playing the video games he’s very rude and disrespectful to the people that he’s playing online with thank you he plays the game online with adults and the language that they use is absolutely horrendous I’m gonna kill you beat the out of you and piss off and that’s transferred over to his mom when I tell him watch your language he’ll tell me to shut the up and yeah he will turn over furniture he breaks dishes he has basically destroyed his room how would he like these violent games have desensitized him from actual pain and death he has been bullied I am scared that he will take the behaviors that he’s learned in the game and retaliate he could become another school shooter this is something that I feel like I could deal with in 30 seconds or three hours depending on how I approach this but if you’re so desperate why did you not write in why did your sister write in nine times I guess I’m just complacent to it I’m used to it I feel like I know what’s wrong with him my question is what’s wrong with you [Applause] child yelling get in here peasant bring me this and what do you do you do it he locks you out of the house in the freezing rain and holds a sign up to the window I will let you in if you go get me Starbucks and you go get it no come on help me I’m just an old country boy you have to help me understand how this makes sense I’ve been in school for the last 18 months and I’m gone four nights a week and 12-hour shifts on the weekends and his dad has had um anxiety disorder and heart issues and so physically and emotionally he wasn’t able to handle him and so by the time I got home from work I worked 40 hours a week as well so by the time I got home I’m just so tired and mentally and physically exhausted that I would just do whatever I had to do to keep the peace yeah his dad passed away in in September of last year right and from a heart condition correct and your son barely shed a tear right in fact he said many people died moving on what do you think you’re looking at this you’re there every day I just met you guys the way that he treats her is just deplorable but I think she was crippled a little bit by her husband and the way that he kept things super secret so she wasn’t allowed to talk to me about it and she wasn’t really allowed to talk to anybody about it and so when she finally started opening up to me and I realized oh my goodness he is really cussing you out he’s really doing these things then that’s when I write in originally at that point I thought maybe maybe she’ll kind of take control and it’ll get better and it just got worse