Morris’ WTC Story

As soon as the attacks occurred my first
thought was what can I do? How can I help? I knew somehow, somewhere I had to be there. The hard part was remains came in. There was nothing in Ten House — no engines, no fireman except body bag and flags. I chose the night shift because it was to me a cloak and respect for the people that were missing and deceased. I brought my own boots.
They essentially melted not from heat but just from wear. There were no respirators or masks. I developed asthma,
severe asthma. I was passing out. Emotionally I was a basket case. When I first got into this program I was worried that I wasn’t qualified. They were very thorough, very caring, and
empathetic. We cleared my asthma problem and moved on to the real emotional issues that were really the demons that haunted me. It’s changed my entire life, my outlook. This is more than just me. The aggregate
of the numbers are important to help all the people that were involved. I strongly recommend people to take
advantage of that. They worked for it. They earned it. They deserve it. The program really is about getting one hope. It saved my life.