National Grid cuts off little girl’s healthcare days after aneurysm nearly kills her

I got the call that something happened
my daughter she had to go to the pediatrician and then they sent to the
Children’s Hospital and we go to Children’s and after the CAT scans they said it was a aneurysm that popped. When it happened, we we got locked out on the
25th. My wife was very stressed out because we thought that the company
would never kill our healthcare and then a few days later they did. It’s real evil
to be quite honest with you. I can’t believe that they would actually do that
to families, take away that health care. And actually to have the president
after knowing some of the health issues come back out and she says, ‘I would do
it all over again.’ That is just pure evil right there, pure evil. Basically, we don’t
know with my daughter’s healthcare coming up
what specialists, how we’re gonna cover it. My hope is that National Grid does
the right thing and brings back all our members, experienced workers back to work.