guys this I could finish the tutorial
here and be so satisfied hey guys and welcome back to my channel in today’s
video I’m going to be testing out some brand new a drugstore makeup that I just
picked up tonight actually I was at Walmart and I wasn’t planning on
spending as much as I did but there were things on the Shelf that I was so
excited about that I had to try so I’m super excited to be testing them out for
you guys I’m just gonna kind of do a tutorial using them obviously I have
some older products that I did not purchase to complete the look but I’m
mainly gonna be focusing on testing out of the products that I was super excited
to buy today this could potentially turn it into a series here on my channel let
me know if you guys like this idea I’m calling it I saw it and bought it just
because there are times when I go into the drugstore and I have something in
mind that I’m gonna find based off of someone else’s recommendations and other
times I don’t know if it’s the marketing the packaging just the product itself is
super intrigued me and I personally haven’t heard anybody talk about the
things I picked up today so I was just really really curious to see how they
work I’m so excited you guys let’s get right into the video the first thing
that caught my eye was this L’Oreal a lot of these products are L’Oreal
actually most of them are I don’t know L’Oreal just they had this display of
amazing looking glowy products and I was just sold the first thing I picked up
was the L’Oreal True Match Lumi glow sheen they had several shades in this
the shade I picked up was light they had like fair light I think medium dark I
don’t know exactly how many so it says apply alone or under makeup use the
lighter shade to illuminate all over or highlight use darker shade to bronze all
over a contour so I purposely got the light shade because I didn’t want to be
too highlighted necessarily I just kind of wanted a bronzy glow that’s kind of
the vibe that I was inspired to go for oh that is so pretty I’m super excited
maybe we’ll try it first by itself so we can kind of see what it looks like all
over the skin as its own product and then I may even mix in a little bit into
my foundation it’s a little bit darker than my natural skin tone but I was
going for that oh look how pretty that is
definitely gives the skin a glow it seems to be gliding across my face
nicely okay so that definitely gave a skin
instant radiance it’s very glowy but in like a sun-kissed way so far so good I
may actually do both so this is what it looks like on the skin alone I think I’m
going to mix it in with my foundation as well I’m just gonna go for it today I’m
gonna be going into my wet and wild photo focus foundation this is not
something I picked up today I’m kind of wanting to see if this Glotion will
subtly tint to my foundation because the shade I have is a little bit too light
right now so I’m just gonna try and take a little bit of that on my hand and I’m
going to mix in some of this Glotion and I’m just going to combine the two
I’m not sure if it darkened the shade too much but we’re just gonna go with
this so now let’s just buff this all over the skin I took what was left on
the back of my hand and I’m just using my morphe sponge to further press this
into the skin so I definitely feel like mixing that into my foundation added a
little hint of a glow it’s definitely not too over-the-top but I feel like it
is a little more dewy than the wet and wild foundation is normally on its own
so I do really like that this wet and wild foundation though is pretty full
coverage so I think it kind of masked a little bit of that first initial layer
of the glow ssin I’m not mad about the finish let’s continue on and we will
kind of see how the complexion looks by the end of it sometimes it takes a
minute for my foundation to kind of sink into the skin so let’s move into
concealer I’m gonna go with my maybelline superstay a better skin
concealer and I’m just taking that exact same morphe sponge and we’re just going
to blend this out all right so this next product is actually something that I did
buy because of YouTube recommendations I could not believe when I saw this at
Walmart it’s the Kodi airspun loose face powder if you guys haven’t heard about
this so many people here on YouTube have talked about it and it was like six
dollars five or six dollars I’m so excited to try it because I’m always
looking for great complexion products no matter what price they all right i just
want good powders foundations concealers things like that so i’m really really
excited to try this because i’ve heard such good things about it so i’m just
gonna take a little bit of this press this underneath the eye area oh it has a
very strong scent I’m normally not too keen about scented products I just I
don’t know I don’t really like them but that looks beautiful we might have to
get past the scent because this is so far this is looking really nice actually
I’m just gonna press that under the eyes and I’m also going to kind of set the
entire face lightly focusing on setting the t-zone mostly dusting a little bit
on the cheeks as well my face feels extremely velvety smooth with
this powder whoo I’m excited about this I really do want this look to be bronzy
and glowy and right now we are all one color so let’s bronze it up this is one
of my most exciting products that I picked up today this is also from
L’Oreal as the True Match Lumi bronze it sunkissed bronzer for face and body
there it is folks it’s very big which I really like it kind of gives me like the
Marc Jacobs bronzer vibes having that humongous pan I really really like it
and it has a really beautiful design in it it has a little bit of a sheen to it
which is something that I don’t normally gravitate toward but I don’t know I’m
really excited about this one let’s see how it applies my friends I’m gonna go
ahead take my normal brush I’m hoping I don’t look like too shiny but you’ll see
okay I’m going in girl let’s keep working with it before I get too excited
okay I’m excited oh okay wait I have to look closer up let’s see how this is
closer up oh my gosh it’s almost like the Physicians Formula butter bronzer
and the Milani baked bronzer I had a baby just because like it has that
gorgeous undertone of the Physicians Formula bronzer but you also get that
luminosity that I love and the Milani bronzer I’m putting this everywhere and
it also said it’s a body bronzer so dust it on the neck as well I’m going ham
with this I just really love it the shimmers in it they’re not too much you
know Oh guys that is so pretty am I crazy or is this like the prettiest
bronzer I’m so excited I love it I love it I don’t know if this is gonna be the
best product for like contouring the nose but I do want to throw it into the
crease of the eye a little bit for a little definition maybe on the lid it’s
tiny bit too I’m just gonna do it I’m just gonna kind of contour my nose with
this as well just see what happens I’m in love I’m in love with this oh my gosh
taking it on the lower lash line as well I have another eyeshadow that I picked
up but I’m just gonna kind of do a base with this bronzer I love it oh my gosh I
love this I love this I love this I always take my translucent powder brush
and I kind of buff over with whatever was left on the brush just to kind of
make sure that it is and blended in to my foundation I should
also mention they had three shades in this bronzer so I picked up the lightest
one and I loved it it’s so hard for me to find like bronzers that work for my
skintone that don’t make me look muddy and I’ve been applying like so much of
this and all it does is look better and better I’m kind of going to bounce it
across the nose I just really want to look I just really want to look
sunkissed I know in the middle of the winter but maybe that’s why this was so
like intriguing to me because it is so cold I am very fair and maybe I just saw
this and was like ooh I want a summer glow I don’t even care I’m going in for
a second layer guys this I could finish the tutorial here and be so satisfied
okay I’m gonna go into blush now this is an old favorite this is from flower
beauty it is their powder blush their flower pots and this is the shade Sweet
Pea I love this I’m gonna lightly kind of dust that on the cheeks and we’re
gonna bring it across the nose I just want it to look like I went on vacation
or something I don’t know taking that translucent powder brush
again and blending I love this is turning out you guys let’s go into this
next product I’m really excited about – I don’t know for how it will work with
my skin tone though I hope it doesn’t botch this whole look because I love
where it’s going this is also from the same addition to L’Oreal Lumi slime this
is a shimmery stuff it’s a loose powder they had two shades one was more like a
silvery shade and I just I don’t know I don’t usually gravitate towards those
kinds of shades how you like bronzy shades so this is shade 506 sunlight
here is what the bottle looks like this kind of reminds me of the Kylie
cosmetics what are they called you know her loose glitter highlighters
I forget what they’re called off the top of my head but I feel like that’s kind
of the direction that laurio was thinking of or was going in when
creating this but they don’t have as many shades only two shades that I saw I
don’t know if they’re making more if there are more out there look at that so
I’m kind of nervous I don’t know if I should try it as a highlight or like a
blush topper first see where that maybe I’ll try it over the just the entire
cheeks first see where that takes us I just I don’t want to ruin this look
okay I’m gonna take just a tiny bit and let’s just try to grab
I’m putting it all over oh my gosh stop it these products
I can’t I’m putting it down the nose Cupid’s bow oh my goodness gracious this
is so successful I’m so excited I’m taking a little rush they want some
precision here and I’m just going to put that in the center of my eyes I don’t
know why but I love a little glow there I love this I love this because
immediately I feel like it’s kind of a darker highlight and you guys know how
much I love just kind of the fresh skin kind of highlighters this provides that
without looking too metallic or anything like that it just looks like a really
healthy bronzy glow are you kidding the fact that these are drugstore I’m so in
love also this looks amazing for highlighting the collarbone and things
are we shining are wishing okay tell me that this wouldn’t be gorgeous mixed in
with like a body lotion if you wanted kind of your body to glow I bet it would
look amazing okay I’m taking more just a little bit more of that Cody airspun
powder and I really want the cheeks to look a little more blended I love it I
love it I love it I love it I look so summery take me to the pool this next
product looks incredible they had three shades it said it was exclusive to
Walmart I’m not quite sure about that I will confirm that in my description box
but I picked up one of the shades because it just looked so insanely
gorgeous these are also from L’Oreal I don’t know L’Oreal just really stood out
to me today at the drugstore this is the crushed foil metallic eyeshadow I picked
up the shade 22 crushed stone okay oh my gosh look at this bronzy goodness I
cannot wait to see how this performs let’s see it feels a little more chalky
than I was expecting I’m not in a bad way oh that’s beautiful though okay
let’s see how this performs on the eyes I bet you if I got a brush wet it would
look absolutely insane I’m just going to use my fingers though and I’m just going
to start to press this all over the lid it kind of has a base color so that’s
beautiful I’m keeping it close to the lash line
first but then I’m going to kind of blend it
up because there’s some gorgeous gold glitter but it went a little bit higher
as well oh my gosh what do we think I think that’s all so
beautiful oh my goodness Wow oh wow now I’m going to take that same shadow with
a brush it looks like we’ve got some fallout all right I’m gonna spray the
brush with some morphe setting spray there we go that’s sticking a lot better
that definitely intensifies it I like it that is so pretty I definitely feel like
I need a deeper shadow to complement this I think I’ve got a single shadow
somewhere hold on yeah I think this one would be pretty this is from L’Oreal
this is just one that I have it’s one of their matte singles in the shade Matson
Avenue or Madison Avenue is probably what they were going for just gonna take
a little brush I’m going to add this color to the outer third of both the
lower lash line and the top lid just to kind of add something else started out
all bronzy and beachy and now we’re ready to go to like a party I’m taking
the brush that we used with the bronzer and just really lightly going over those
two shades in the crease to really blend them out the skin though I feel like the
complexion looks really really nice and glowy I love it I’m gonna give the eyes
a little bit of dimension with my Burt’s Bees warm brown eyeliner this is another
product that I have lying around already this is not a new one I’m trying out but
I just feel like it needs a little bit of definition at the lash line I think
I’m just gonna put eyeliner on the top I’m not doing a wing or anything I just
wanted a little bit of something at the lash line to kind of break up the
glitter shadow and really make the lash line look a little bit more naturally
full and voluminous I want to try this shimmery stuff glow powder in like the
inner corner of the eye just to see if we can use it as an eye shadow and how
that will look so I’m just gonna take a little eye shadow brush and let’s pop
this in the inner corner it’s definitely really really pretty it kind of has more
of a pinky undertone and for the inner corner I typically go for something a
little bit more bold I guess I’m gonna take what’s left on the brush though and
put it right under the brow bone so I think what I will do is hop into my
L’Oreal True Match powder glow illuminator bullish and highlight this
is in the shade n2o2 Rose this is something that I’ve had so it is not a
new product to me but I haven’t actually used it too much I just really want to
add a little bit more something in that inner corner I’m adding a little bit
more of that loose powder tops of my cheeks I’m just really loving
it a little above the brows as well okay before we go in with mascara I’m gonna
set the face with the more if you continuous setting spray
I love this okay so the next thing they picked up at the drugstore I’ve seen
this a few times it’s not a new product to the drugstore but since I’ve been
using the their real lash primer from benefit and I’ve been loving the results
I really wanted to try out a lash primer from the drugstore this one’s also from
L’Oreal it’s the voluminous primer base it’s the white container
I love the voluminous mascara line all the voluminous mascara I’ve tried I
loved so let’s try this let’s see how this goes already we’ve got the primer
on hahaha it looks so weird like through my eyes I can see the white on my lashes
as opposed to how it normally is I’m gonna use the voluminous last part ice
mascara I recently picked this up it’s called mystic black it’s a little bit
more of a gray black but I kind of like it so I’m just gonna pop this on top of
the primer and we’ll see how different my lashes look so I feel like the lash
primer really did help my lashes keep more separated than usual with that
mascara I really like it I’m definitely gonna keep playing around and seeing how
it works with different mascaras but I do feel like it helped apply my mascara
a little bit easier than my other so before lips you guys let’s see I’m gonna
first start out with this flower beauty lip liner in the shade nude this is
their petal pout lip liner let’s start with this I don’t know if I want
something glossy or what because we have a lot of glow going on so I don’t know
if I want gloss or a matte lip we’ll see I’m just gonna line the lips with this
first I think I’m kind of leading toward a more matte lip I’m gonna go in with
this flower beauty what does this mix and matte lip do oh this one’s in the
shade honey nude and I’m just gonna start with the lipstick there’s like a
gloss side and then a lipstick and I’m just gonna try the lipstick first I’m
just going to run my glossy a boy brow through my brows so I got quite a bit of
product in it I want to kind of reset and re tint the brows woohoo I just
added a little bit more glow to my skin look at that alright you guys so that
completes this makeup look I have to say I loved absolutely everything I think if
there was one thing that I would suggest picking up it would be this bronzer I
just personally think it is so beautiful if you’re into a little bit more of a
luminous bronzor I feel like this isn’t too
sparkly or anything it just gives the skin a really nice natural Sheen also I
really did like this as well the shimmery stuff these two are definitely
something that I would recommend I guess I would also recommend the crushed foil
metallic eyeshadow look how gorgeous I can’t wait to go pick up the other
shades in this this definitely pulled off a little bit more green on the eyes
which I kind of like they had it like a champagne kind of color that I really
think would be gorgeous for even everyday but hopefully you guys like the
look I definitely think it’s so wearable so beautiful this would be a really
pretty like prom look or a special occasion type of look I just feel like
it’s glam but like in the most subtle and wearable way which are my favorite
kinds of look so I have to say that was a success lore’l wow you came out with
some incredible products oh and I really did love the whoops I really did love
the Cody airspun powder as well so far can’t wait to keep using that I’m so
pumped about all these products that I was able to try loved him loved him
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