– Hey Hunties, it’s ya
girl LaToya Forever. In today’s video, I’m showing
you my night-time routine featuring baby Ayah. I partnered with Walmart in today’s video because of course they carry
all of the products I use in our night-time routine. Now let’s jump right into the video. My night-time routine
starts at 8:30 p.m. sharp, as soon as Samia and Zayn go to bed. They went to three parties today, so they are exhausted. Every night we pray with the kids, we read them a bedtime
story, we play a little, and then they hit the sack. Peace out Zayn and Samia. See you in the morning. Right after I tuck the kids in bed, I head straight to my bathroom
and I remove my makeup. Y’all, it feels so good removing my makeup after a long day. Okay, these makeup wipes
are, hands down, my favorite wipes of all time, because
you literally only need one wipe and it completely
removes your makeup. Okay, no wonder why it’s a
best-seller product at Walmart. Miss Ayah papaya’s up. Y’all she’s the cutest little papaya ever. She is five weeks, so
she has her own schedule. She sleeps when she wants,
she feeds when she wants. She just does her own thing. Every time I adjust, she
switches it up on me. I give Miss Ayah a bath every
night around nine o’clock, and then I feed her. So she sleeps for a good three, four hours and then she’s up again for
another feeding. (laughs) Now that baby Ayah is almost sound asleep, it’s time for your girl to take a shower. Y’all they say put yourself first, but I have to put my kids first, because if I didn’t, this
shower would not be so peaceful. I would have kids crying
and screaming and things up in this bathroom. Hit that thumbs up button
if you brush your teeth in the shower at night. Y’all, this Clinique cleanser
from Walmart is so good. It’s so thick, it’s so
foamy, it cleans your skin. I only use it at night,
because it’s just so thick. You can use it with or
without the LUNA mini 2. I’m using it with, because I need an extra deep clean tonight. The next thing I do in the
shower is I shave my legs. I feel like I shave my
legs four times a week, because the hair grows
back in less than 12 hours. I swear it’s terrible. Does your hair do that? I wish my hair would grow
that fast on my head. Y’all I can’t be doing
this every other day, okay? I need laser hair removal. You see this Dove Exfoliating
Body Polish right here? You need to try this, okay? I bought this from Walmart,
and before I bought it, I read the reviews on, and everybody is raving
about this body polish. I can see why now. It smells amazing. It doesn’t even smell like shea butter. It smells like love in a container. I have sensitive nostrils
you guys so scents bother me. Okay, I have to literally
smell things a hundred times before I buy things. Like, me shopping for
perfume is not the business. But when I find something that
I love, I have to pick it up, and this is one of those products. Normally, I’m a fragrance-free kinda girl, but can we get into this
cucumber green tea scent soap? It smells so good. This soap right here was a recommendation from my little sister. The other day she smelt
so good I asked her what she had on, she said, “Nothing, “and how it must be the soap.” I told her to show me the soap. She showed me the soap. I smelt the soap, I had to buy the soap. We went to Walmart and
I bought the Twin Pack. Shower complete, now
let’s move on to skincare. If y’all don’t know about this Palmer’s super moisturizing
lotion, let me put you on. Listen, I’ve been using this
lotion for over 11 years. I love it in the winter,
because my skin gets extra dry and cracked and my hands are all ashy. This de-ashifies your skin, okay? Since it’s super moisturizing, it takes a while to rub it in. It takes a while to absorb into your skin, but once it does, the
scent smells so good, and you will stay moisturized. Shout-out to my girl
Nadia for giving me this expensive Donna Karan Deodorant I am obsessed, I love it. It is quite expensive, but
trust me, Walmart rolls back their prices often, so check
it out and see if it’s on sale. Ayah’s still sleeping,
praise God for that. Now let’s move on to my skincare routine. I picked up this serum from Walmart, and it’s truly amazing. It is quite pricey but
your girl is getting older, I’m tryna slow down the
wrinkles and sagging process. Okay, honestly love this
serum, because my skin is so glowy and it’s so smooth, and it’s nice and firm, I love it. Y’all this Kiehl’s
Midnight Recovery Eye Cream is so good, I picked this up from Walmart, and it combats the dark
circles and puffiness underneath my eyes, I love it. I have many moisturizers, and I love to use this one at night because it’s the thickest
moisturizer I have. So when I’m feeling extra
dry, I use this one, because it keeps me extra
moisturized throughout the night. Last, but certainly not least, my Blistex. My Medicated Blistex, okay,
because my lips are always dry, they’re just always
dry, so I have to like, put this lip chap on like lip gloss, because my lips stay dry. Okay LaToya, stop posing in the mirror. Head to bed all right? Okay, so I’m in bed now
planning out tomorrow. I have to plan every single thing, because if I don’t,
nothing gets completed. I’m a very scatterbrained person, so your girl has to write everything out. Look y’all, Ayah’s up, hubby’s in bed, we are wrapping up our night. Shout-out to Walmart for
partnering up with me in today’s video. Walmart is my go-to for everything beauty, so I was so excited when
they reached out to me for this collaboration. All the products I used in today’s video can be picked up at
Walmart, I linked everything in the description box below, so make sure you check it out, and I will see you in the next video. Love you guys, bye! (upbeat music)