Nobel Prize winner explains Thunderstorm Asthma

So what we’re talking about today is called thunderstorm asthma and you know that asthma is caused by an allergy you get some particles that you breathe in and people think that can be caused by breathing in smoke it’s not really smoke we’re interested in the big issue with asthma is pollen so here’s a diagram of a pollen granule everyone everyone thinks ok that’s a pollen granule but it’s very interesting it actually has a structure inside it so that inside your pollen granule you might have five six or 700 little tiny sub components of the pollen which is some kind of a starch but with proteins in it that you can become allergic to a person might get most of this large size pollen granules sticking in the nose probably mostly they would get hayfever so you might get people who don’t even know that got asthma then under the right conditions this outside of the pollen granules just pop open and now you see we’ve got millions and millions of these little tiny microscopic particles floating around in the air and so they’re much worse because they actually penetrate right down into the lower airways and have a much bigger effect so you can imagine if you if you think about asthma what what’s normally gonna happen is that your large airway say that that might be safe two millimeters in diameter from the other there and when you breathe in normal pollen it might shrink up a bit so now it’s now it’s down to say one half millimeters so at that point the person’s feeling not too bad but it’s just a little bit wheezy now as you go down the lungs of course the the Airways get narrower and narrower and so down here you’ve got airway let’s like point 1 millimeter in diameter and you can imagine that these little tiny ones can get right down into that tiny airway and you know it’s going from that size to that size which makes a big difference to people they can usually breathe in a little bit harder to breathe out so eventually people can’t breathe out in these little ear ways will trap the air and the one gets expanded and feel very I’m very uncomfortable usually if you have asthma you can take some kind of a spray product that will get down to these very small Airways and open them up but if you’ve never had asked me before you want to have that medicine your house so you really have to call the ambulance and go to the emergency room