Many of you may be familiar with our Super Lube® Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease, but we would like to introduce you to other products that we offer. We would like to introduce you to our Non-Aerosol product line. Many facilities and manufacturing facilities are trying to phase out Aerosols. There’s many safety issues as well as environmental issues, and also a cost-reduction issue that many facilities are taking into consideration these days. So, we do offer many of our products in a Non-Aerosol form. The first product we would like to speak about is our Multi-Purpose Synthetic Lubricant. Obviously very similar to our grease, and also our Multi-Purpose Aerosol, is available in a Non-Aerosol Pump. Each one of our Non-Aerosol products comes packaged with a trigger sprayer that can inserted once the container is open. We offer our Synthetic Metal Protectant and Corrosion Inhibitor in a trigger sprayer Non-Aerosol form as well. We offer our Syncopen® Synthetic Penetrant in a Non-Aerosol version. Because penetrants are widely used and very popular for many folks, we also offer more of a toolbox size: the 4 Oz. Bottle. This 4 Oz. Bottle also works well in vending machines. So, if your company has installed vending machines from a distributor, these are a great size for the vending machine, which also allows it to be tracked based on consumption. Our products are all Food Safe, just like our aerosols, just like our grease, and if you would like further information on our Non-Aerosol product line, please visit our website at