Non Small Cell And Small Cell Lung Cancer Misdiagnosis; MD Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains

A possible cancer misdiagnosis of small cell
lung Cancer or non-small cell lung cancer. what
do you Do? hello, i’m maryland medical malpractice
attorney Marcus Boston and i want to talk to you today
quickly Because i am out and about doing last minute
Christmas Shopping with my wife. But i want to talk
to you about A big issue that comes up with cancer misdiagnosis Cases. and its the 51% or more chance of beating The cancer and being able to survive. now
if you Had an opportunity to watch or educational Videos or read our articles you know that
you Must have a medical expert to go on record
and Say that your treating medical professional
fell Below the standard of care in your situation. But like i said you also must be able to show
that Even if an error did not occur that you or
your Loved one would have had a 51% chance or higher
of Surviving. so why have I take a moment today
to talk To you about this because you are on the interent Right now and searching for possible for non-small Versus small cell lung cancer misdianosis.
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