Nyguard Plus | NyGuard Plus Flea & Tick Aerosol | ePest Solutions

Hi. I�m Lynn Hitt, president of ePestSolutions.
Today, I�d like to talk to you about MGK�s Nyguard Plus. It�s a flea and tick spray
used on the inside. It covers about 2,000 square feet. It�s very easy to apply. You
don�t need a spray can or water to mix it up.
Basically, invert the can at about two to three feet from the floor and put out an even
back and forth sweep to completely cover the floor. It can be used on upholsteries as well.
For your flea and tick needs inside, very easy to use, quality product Nyguard Plus
is the product of choice. To order, call us at 888-523-7378 or visit our website ePestSolutions.com.
We look forward to hearing from you today.