OBSESSED BOYFRIEND (Last Moments Of Relationships #16)

♪ (classical piano) ♪ And I got so gassy! Like, violently gassy. That’s why I can’t eat
cheese anymore, I guess. Oh, no, no, no. I got this. – I got this.
– Oh, you don’t have to do that. Mmm-mmm-mmm! I insist. (tapping loudly) (sighing) Well, I had a really good time tonight. Yeah, nice. We can keep it going if you want. – I know this great little enchilada place–
– No. – around the corner–
– No! No, no. No thanks. Um…I have work. Early tomorrow. Okay, well…uh…can I give
you a call sometime? Ummm…sure. Call me. Or…whatever. – Okay! I will!
– Okay. – Good night.
– Good night. (voice recording) Hey, you’ve
reached Angela! Leave a message. (beeping) Hey, Angela! Just got home. I just wanted to say again how much
of a great time I had with you tonight and I hope to hear from you
soon about date number dos! (chuckles nervously) Hey! Maybe this time
I can get that kiss, huh? (laughs) Aw, I’m sorry.
That was really weird. I don’t know why I said that. (sighing) Alright, I’ll-Good–
I’m thinking–See you. ♪ (jovial music) ♪ (voice recording) Hey, you’ve
reached Angela! Leave a message. (beeping) Hey, Angela. Hope you slept well. It’s morning now. So I thought I’d make a phone call. (laughs) Alright, have a good one. (spitting) (Angela) Leave a message. (beeping) Angela! Just about to leave work. Uh, still haven’t heard from you,
but I can’t stop thinking about that near kiss. (nervous laugh) Uh, cannot wait to go out again soon. Call me! ♪ (jovial music) ♪ (beeping) Hey, Angela! It is our one week anniversary! I know, I’m excited too. Hey, let’s go out to celebrate
once I get off work. Alright. ♪ (jovial music) ♪ (beeping) Well, I’m back where the magic happened. Where we shared our first moment. I brought you a gift and I would love
to give it to you in person but…I guess I’ll just leave it
here with the bartender until the next time you come swing by. See ya soon! Heh. ♪ (pensive music) ♪ (beeping) One year ago, we shook hands
and you entered my heart. I never thought I would date
anyone for a full year, but…hey, here we are. (nervous chuckle) Happy anniversary. I love you. Oh my god! Oh my god,
I can’t believe I just said it! I guess I… I guess I always felt that way, you know? And I didn’t know what you
would think, but screw it! I don’t care what anyone thinks! I love you! I love you, I love you! (laughs) (sighs) Happy anniversary, my love. ♪ (harp strums) ♪ – Okay, Glass…
– (Glass bings) – Make a call too–
– (Glass bings) – Angela.
– (Glass bloops) (woman) Hello? Oh my god! A-Angela? Is that you? (woman) Who is this? It’s me, Gary! I apologize if you can’t hear me
too well, I’m on the Google Glass. I refuse to adapt
to new technologies. (chuckles) (woman) I’m sorry,
I don’t know who you are. Is this Angela? No, this is her daughter, Maddie. I have a daughter? I don’t understand… (Maddie) I’m sorry to be the one
that tells you this, but my mother died last month. Oh my god! That’s terrible. When was the funeral? (Maddie) It was about
two weeks ago on Sunday. I’m in town, taking care
of my father and such. Your father? (Maddie) Yeah, he’s in. Do you want to speak with him? N-No, no, I-I-I don’t want to be a bother. (Maddie) Yeah, it’s been really hard
on him, losing his soulmate. How did you know my mother? Oh, well, we go way, way back. – (Maddie) Ah, old friends.
– Mmm, more than friends. (Maddie) Pardon? N-Nothing, nothing. (Maddie) Okay, well, I gotta go
as you can imagine. Y-Yes, yes, of course.
I-I’m sorry for your loss. (Maddie) Goodbye. Wait, so she really never mentioned me? I’ve wasted my entire life. ♪ (classical piano) ♪