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(spoons clattering) – This is stupid. (peppy music) – Hello the internet, I’m Josh Darnit and these are my wonderful
yet terrible children, Johnna and Evan. – Today we are going to be making slime and I’m gonna be teaching
my dad and Evan how, – You can’t teach me, I’m the grown up, I know how to do stuff. I’ll teach you. – You don’t know how to make slime. – Watch me. You take some of this, you take some of this. All these ingredients
mix them up, bam, slime. So first you need to have
your bowl and your glue. And your Borax. – This is not Borax. – And your cornstarch. – These are the ingredients. We have our shaving cream,
I got this at Dollar Tree. – And this is my glue,
it’s purple and sparkly. And this is my bowl. – How come he gets sparkly
glue, where’s my glue? – This is cornstarch. – Yup. – We got it at Target. – Like I said. And your Borax. Borax, Borax. – And this is some lotion
it adds stretch to it. Food coloring which is optional and this is a Borax and water mixture. – How much Borax and how much water. – I don’t know, you just
put in Borax and water and tada. Here I’m gonna give you your glue. – K. – So first you unscrew. – How much do I drink? – No. – So first thing you do guys,
I know from my own expertise, I’m drawing on my own
experience, is I’m gonna empty the entire contents of this
glue into this large glass bowl. No one has taught me this, I just know. Okay what do I do next? – [Johnna] Next you add in shaving cream. – [Josh] How much? – [Evan] Can I try? – [Johnna] Just a lot. – I’m not a dog please don’t pet me. So now just stir this up. How do I know if I have the right glue to shaving cream ratio? – You just feel it in your bones. Dad now you put your, now you
put more, your other bottle that I just gave you on
top of the shaving cream. – Really it matters if you do that? – Yeah so that it all gets mixed together and you need like kind of a lot of glue. – I’m starting to question
the scientific method involved here and I think you don’t know what you’re talking about. – Dad, I’ve done this a million times. – Which is why children
will love this video because children never know
what they are talking about. Why are you adding more glue? I already added two things of glue? – You do two and a half glues. – Why do you do this? Why do kids care about this? We are making a massive mess
for absolutely no reason. Looks so delicious. – Okay Johnna? – So now you’re going
to add in food coloring. – Why I don’t have any Borax yet? This is so wasteful. – It’s not wasteful. – Think how many starving
people could eat this. – You know if you mix it in
it becomes a different color, then, then, then, it
becomes a different color than what… – Here dad now you, – What does this Borax water gonna do? – I need Borax. – Oh I haven’t even gotten any
lotion yet, you got lotion? – Johnna, I need Borax, I need Borax. – [Mom] Just a second Evan. – I think he needs Borax. – Yeah it should be getting like. – Clumpy and lumpy? – Clumpy because that means
it’s starting to turn to slime. – Oh yeah, ♫ My hand is cramping because
it’s tired and I am old ♫ – What happens if you just
add way to much Borax? – Oh then it gets really bad
and it’s not stretchy at all. (spoons clang against bowls) – This is stupid. – We’ve made slime! – Too much at once. – You’re gonna ruin it. – This was ruined before we started. – You were ruined before you were born. – Whoa it just turned into
like, I can’t even stir it. – Dad that’s, that’s a good sign. – It is? – That’s a good sign of it. – This looks like a creature
that lives in the wood swamp on Flash Gordon. (dramatic music) – That’s a good, – What? – [Mom] Johnna is daddy’s looking right? – Yeah. – [Mom] Should he start
mixing with his hands? – Yes. – How did dad end up with more than me? – Because he’s better than you. (dramatic music) – He’s not better than me, he’s the opposite of better than me. – Can I touch it?
– No. This is mine I worked hard for this. – [Mom] Evan how’s yours? – Here. – Too sticky. Give me some more Borat. (Evan laughs) – It’s called Borax. – This is so. – That’s what I said Borat. I need more Borat. – It’s called Borax and if
you stop calling it Borax then I will love you again. Wait what? – So the Borat, – Borax. – The Borax is kind of
like got it off my hands, so when my hands were feeling too sticky, I put Borat on and it got slippery. – Borax. – [Mom] Johnna, take a look at Evan’s and see if you have any, – He needs more Borat. – Borax! (Josh laughs) – And now is the cornstarch part. – Wait, what is, there’s
another ingredient? – The cornstarch is like. – It makes it dry. – Fluffier and lighter and just better. – It makes a mess. What happens if I add more
Borat after I’ve got that stuff? Oops. – Stop calling it Borat! – Oh now if it gets, if it
gets not stretchy enough and I want to make it
stretchier, I can add more glue? – More lotion and more glue. I want the slime to be fluffier, so I’m adding more shaving cream. – Me too, I want my slime
to be more fluffier. – Thanks. I think mine is perfect. – I think mine is better than yours. – I think mine is the best. – So again what do I do with this. – You play with it. It’s a stress reliever. – Who’s gonna clean this up
’cause I’m already stressed about that. – You are. – Yeah I like the sound of you doing this. Just hear it closely. [Squishing Sound] Do you hear that? Isn’t it so peaceful? – It’s satisfying. – [Evan] I could hear this all day. – Could we use this for Foley? ‘Cause that sounds kind of like a (smacks slime) a Bruce Lee punching a (smacks slime) – I used to make really
good super awesome slimes but then like I started
to not make them anymore and then like I started making them again and then they started
to not turn out right and so we just had to throw them away and then this is my only time since back, since then that I’ve made a good slime. – So to recap, this was glue. – Uh-huh. – Shaving cream. Food coloring, a mixture of Borat water and what was the other ingredient? Lotion? – Did you say cornstarch already? – And cornstarch. – Other types of slimes
that I like to make are clear slimes and
floams, fish bowl slimes, unicorn, um, regular, just like white glue slime and so like leave a comment
down below what you want to see us make next. – Dad was copying you. He was just lip syncing. (bus crashes) – Tattle tale. – Thanks for watching guys. If you enjoyed this
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my children destroy our house and then leave it for me to
clean up and then I leave it for my wife to clean up. – My wife. – Let’s go to Chuck E. Cheese. (Johnna woos) If there’s other DIY videos
you’d like to see Johnna make, tough, she only knows how
to do one thing, slime. (mom laughs) (dramatic music)