OBSESSED: Yannick Bisson’s Porsche Obsession

Hi I’m Yannick Bisson. I’m an actor, director, producer. I play Detective Murdoch on CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries. Today, what I would like to tell you about is my passion for Porsche cars. We are at Mantella Autosport. This is a specialty shop. Hi I’m Anthony Mantella and I own Mantella Autosport. We’re building an outlaw Porsche for Yannick Bisson. Well what captivated me as a young kid was definitely the shape but they also had this very serious racing cred. They would make cars, they would release a certain amount so that they could qualify for homologation and then they would race that car out there on the track and it was the real deal. All I’m really doing with this car is making Yannick’s dream come alive. That’s all. Um, yeah. Just that. The majority of the people I’ve captured to work on Yannicks car have come from the race industry. What I have here behind me started out as a 1995 chassis. Typically it’s considered the last classic Porsche before they became very much automated assembly lines, less hands on work. So what I’ve done, I took one of those chassis and I found another motor and I found my favourite body style and put those body panels on this chassis. Way back in the day, the Bisson crest was actually green, yellow, and black. And so I set out to find a tartan that I could put in my custom car that was green, yellow, and black. And I happened to find the exact fabric that was used in my very first car as a kid by this volkswagen supplier in Europe. So I’m going to have the same thing, green version, as the very first car I bought when I was 16 years old. And I’m really, really excited about it. There is an individuality to them. You can configure them the way you like them. So you can say, I suppose, that I feel like I’m driving my individual taste. I suppose that’s a little bit snooty. But that’s okay!