Obsession Bikes. Why It’s One Of My 30 Favourite Places In North Vancouver!

Hi, it’s Craig Veroni with RE/MAX Masters
Realty. Welcome to day four of my thirty favourite places in North Vancouver.
Today we’re at Obsession Bikes. Everybody knows North Vancouver has a huge bike
culture and if you’ve never been to obsession bikes before I’m going to tell
you why you need to come shop here. Before we go inside I want to tell you
my story and personal connection with the obsession bikes. My son was about three
and a half years old and was just learning to ride a bike and we found a
discarded one in the alley that was the perfect size for him so instead of
buying a brand new bike I thought we’d teach him the value of taking someone
else’s trash and turning it at something awesome and it did turn out to be an
amazing bike. He loved it. Well we brought it here to Obsession Bikes and owner
James Wilson was the one who helped us out. He was totally into the project
helped us out, took excellent care of us, and was not trying to sell us a
brand-new bike. So from then on I became a loyal customer and I said to him the
moment I’m ready to buy a brand new bike for my son I’ll be shopping here. Let’s
go inside and check it out. Lola is usually one of the first to greet people
as they come through the door she’s the dog of owner James Wilson and
she epitomizes the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere you’ll experience when you
walk in. Obsession Bikes prides itself on carrying everything to suit your bicycle
needs so whether it’s a performance bike, kids bike, accessories, racing eyewear,
Cycling eyewear, or helmets you’re going to find it here. All the staff have
expensive product knowledge but of course the focus is always on you and
finding the best bicycle for your needs. Did I mention you can get your bike
repaired here? That’s right if there’s something wrong with your bike bring it
here and the bicycle technicians will take excellent care of you and your bike.
Whatever your needs they’re sure to know how to fix it.
I told you they have everything you need from footwear to cycling apparel
obsession bike has it all but the real gem of this place is its community
involvement and that is what I love about Obsession bikes.
I know community involvement is really important to you. Tell me more about that. Well
my take on community involvement comes from when I raced. Like, I grew up in
Winnipeg. it’s a amazing community in Winnipeg. And so, it’s like we had
community clubs where we played hockey and soccer and all that business and so you
know they were really well named it was great for growing communities. North
Vancouver’s got a really strong community I want to be a part of that
community and so programs that I run like you know our involvement with the Ride to Conquer Cancer and so that’s a really important community to me. Our work with Bikes for
Tykes, you know that that’s that’s where at Christmas we refurbish over 250 kids
bikes and put them out in the community to kids who wouldn’t otherwise get bikes. I
mean that that’s huge. That’s, that’s that’s how I get my Yah Yah’s at Christmas. You
know whether it’s you know $200 kids bike or it’s a $12,000 road bike I mean
if you’re genuinely interested in the performance of that bike sold two
hundred twelve thousand six hundred whatever then you’re going to really
appreciate our approach to business with you we care we really do want to you to
enjoy that bike to its fullest and that’s that what more you ask for?