Parents & Kids Smoke Weed Together for the First Time | Strange Buds | Cut

– I’ve never seen a bong with ice in it. – I am. – I’m not. – I smoked it when I was in high school. Yup. – I smoke it all the time. (laughing) – I didn’t realize at first
that you were smoking a lot but then I started finding
like pipes in random places. – As long as she doesn’t abuse it. I don’t want to see her
on the side of the road with a cardboard sign
if you know what I mean. – Well you were so against it. You know so I’ve always been
kind of afraid to like talk about weed with my dad or you know even… – Here was the deal. – Okay. – When it wasn’t legal. You didn’t know what you were getting. – Sure – Oh I was hoping that you
would smoke out of a bong today. – Oh yeah? – So this is going to be interesting here. – Okay. – Just lightening this thing, okay. – So this is a bong. – I knew that. – This is the weed. – Yeah. – You put your mouth here
and you light the weed. – Usually there’s a hole that you… Oh, lift this up here, oh okay. – Get high Sarah show me how it’s done. – So you smoke it like a
cigarette or how do you smoke it? – Mmm hmm. – I won’t start rolling
around on the floor or anything right? – There you go that should be good. (laughs) Did you get enough? If you got enough you don’t need it. (coughs) – Oh shit. (snorts and coughs) – How do you think the weed tastes? Does it like have a good flavor? Can you taste any flavor? – It’s pretty mellow. I was really worried that this
was going to upset my lungs. (both coughing) – That hurt. – Yeah, yeah I definitely feel it. – Yeah I definitely feel stoned. – Oh my gosh this hits ya fast doesn’t it. (laughs) – I actually feel real clear headed. (coughing) – Damn. – So how long does this feeling last. Am I going to feel like
this all night long? – It’s kinda weird to look ya
in the eyes Ashley isn’t it. (both laughing) When you’re going, okay,
I’m high, you’re high. – So what’s this stuff for? – Well this one’s.. – Okay, okay. – Do you think weed should be legal? – Is that a trick question? – I think it absolutely should be. There’s so many health benefits you know. Like people with seizures and parkinsons. It can help so many people. (laughing) – Did you ever smoke when you
guys were pregnant with me? – Nope (cough) First off your mom doesn’t
know how to smoke pot. – Clearly we don’t either. (coughing) – The first time I ever got high. I felt like I was in a movie. Like maybe just life is the movie. (dad laughing) – Never have I ever made a sex tape. – No. – I feel like if you had to think about it it might be a yes though. (mom laughs) – Made a sex tape? (both laughing) – Never. But that’d be fun to do! – Dad! – You know any young girls? – Dad, no! – Does this got a filter
in it or something? – Pre-Roll baby. – Never have I gotten
drunk and woken up naked. – If I’m drunk, when I’m drunk – You wake up naked? – Yeah. – This is one of those
embarrassing ones I don’t even want you to answer you know. – How many times have you
gotten drunk and woken up naked? – Most of the time. – What! (mom laughing) – Oh, never have I ever
done the walk of shame. I definitely done the walk of shame. – You wanna elaborate? – Ummm… – Oh gosh this thing is heavy. – Are you gonna put it on? (dad laughing) – Oh! – Yeah! – I feel like I’m putting
my head up his pooper. – Reaction I’m getting from
this is that I would not be the life of the party cause I
just want to go to sleep. – This is great. This is how you should
go to the party tonight. – Okay. – Welcome to my house. – Hi, happy birthday to
me! Happy birthday to me! – So kinda feels weird hugging
in front of all these people. – I know like why am I crying? You know just times really are changing. It’s so cool that somebody
like my dad is so receptive. – Oh my gosh can she keep that? – Are you laughing at me? Are you laughing at me? Are you laughing at me? – This is the best day ever. – You got a bucket? Have you got a bucket? Quick. – A better understanding
between dad and daughter. – Yeah I’ll definitely toast to that. – Okay (vomiting) – It’s not like riding a bike. – I’m gonna keep this with me. (vomiting) – What are your plans
for the rest of the day? – I don’t have plans. I was gonna get tacos. Those are my plans. – I would. – Yeah, yeah. – I believe to the restroom. I hope so. It’s not for everyone. (laughing and coughing) – Have you guys ever smoked
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