Partagas Serie D No 5 Tubos Cuban Cigar Unboxing NOV 2014

so what we have here is the Partagas
Serie D No. 5 this is a pack of 15 tubos so there’s five packs of three tubos in each pack this vitola was
released originally in 2011 the aluminum tubes were released in 2013 the cigar
itself is 50 by 110 or 4.3 inches it’s listed in the vitola de galera as a
d number 5 and the common name is petit robusto so let’s get a little bit
further into the cigar by cutting the seal at the top of the box so every time
I open up box of tubos it reminds me of Waldo Braden and who was the inventor of
the tubeo who came up with the idea in roughly 1932 by 1933 he had a prototype
sold it to the board they marketed H. Upmann cigars inside the tubo and
the sales just took off like like crazy and he was getting a half a penny per
tubo that he sold so things were going good until roughly 1935 when D G
Freeman was sold the company and it was found out that Waldo was taking a little
bit more money on those tubos than he should have
so Mr. Freeman fired him but the reason that we have tubo cigars to this
day is because of Waldo Braden so it just kind of a always reminds me of that
history here’s the factory and the date for the Box November 2014 was the month
and year and finally we’re getting a little bit closer into the many layers
of this cigar this is a little bit time-consuming but I kind of like to
show everything as you guys know I just like to show all the packaging
everything the whole experience to getting to what it is that we like to do
and that is smoking that cigar but there’s a lot of intricacies and a lot
of things that go on with getting to that point and the packaging the
presentation is all part of it and part of you know I guess the
foreplay or whatever you want to call it on this thing so anyway here we are with
the cigar finally now you can see it’s got a nice colorado wrapper on it
there’s a bit of a sheen on there too it’s blotchy lumpy and it’s short it’s
4.3 inches but all in all it doesn’t look that bad but like I’ve always said
I really don’t care what a cigar looks like or anything like that and as long
as it smokes well and basically a lot of people saying that the wrapper really
doesn’t contribute that much to the flavor anyway so anyway let’s get this
thing fired up okay so we’re here with the Partagas
Serie D number five and pull it out of the tube here and get her lit up so anyway
four years of age on this thing and we’ll see how it goes now that’s a wide-open draw on that
thing very nice all right let’s light her up well it’s got like a little bit of a
Tangliness like a pepper on the roof of the mouth and on the tongue and kind
of a very kind of a bit woody to start out with so we’ll see how things go
I’m gonna smoke this thing down to the band and I’ll be back with the tasting
notes back here with the tasting notes on the
Partagas Serie D number five so like I said it opened up with that woodiness in there
along with the pepper and as it continued to open up into the first half of the
cigar there was a tobacco and that earthiness
in there a little bit it was a bit sweet with the earthiness in there and
the pepper kind of tamp back in the first half and as it smoked down into
the second half especially toward the back half of the second half the pepper
started to come up and the earth and that tobacco really got very rich on the
palate there was a bit of a dryness on the palate and a bit of a bitterness on
the palate but there wasn’t as much as I thought there would be for such a young
cigar which I mean it kind of tells me in my personal opinion that these cigars
are pretty much ready to go few more years of the age would probably wick out
that bitterness and tanicness in there but all in all I think
that the cigar is ready to smoke to be quite honest but that’s just me just
some knucklehead on the internet with an opinion have to give this thing CA
rating of around 89 about 8 1/2 smoke rings it was a is a nice solid
cigar wasn’t anything mind-blowing or anything like that it was just a
straight forward peppery earthy tobacco cigar throughout the entire cigar and it
did pick up strength at the end so those of you like a full straight cigar you’re
definitely gonna appreciate this cigar once it gets into that second half
anyway I’ve rambled on enough and that’s enough out
of me