Presidential Campaigns Are So OBSESSED With Me!

– [Woman] That’s how and why I beat Shaq. – God, I have to sort through
all these insane letters. – Wow,
are these love Letters? – No Lily. They’re not love letters. They are obsession emails from an old man pleading
with an all show on you. It’s like he specifically
infatuated with only me. – Katie please, Katie, it’s never over. Katie, I’ll never stop fighting for you. Katie, who is this guy? Should we be worried? – Yeah, I think you should be worried
if you’re good friends. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. His name is Connor, and he works at – And this love letter, he keeps talking about
fighting the billionaire club? – Yep, (giggles) It’s like he’s super obsessed with me and he won’t leave me alone. – Yeah, he must like, like, like you.
– Yeah, – There’s like, what? 50 emails here – [Lily] Wait, Katie, these are Bernie Sanders campaign emails. – Mh, No. They are obviously letters
from someone who is super obsessed with me – Have you never gotten a desperate email from a political candidate? – Okay, don’t rub it in Christine – Katie, your support
is crucial at this time, I know you’ll do the right
thing when the time comes. I hope I can continue counting on special and amazing people like you. Okay, no one who actually met
Katie would ever say that. They’re just saying nice things
to get you on their side. – I’m gonna ignore that little rude comment. I mean this in the nicest way possible, no one has ever loved you. This man, emailed me
three times in one day. Katie, I need you, Katie, there’s still time, Katie, together we can take on the world. – Nobody says your name that many times except for lovers and parents. Is he a parent? – Let me check, No, he’s not Jodie or Joseph Maravich! – Case Closed, that’s a lover. – But these are mass emails that go out to everyone
involved in the campaign. These people don’t
actually care about you. – Really?
– Yeah. – Oh really?
– Yes – Really?
– Yeah, – Oh really?
– Yes. – Really?
– Oh yes, – Then explain this, Katie, we are on our journey
to reclaim our country look at all these we’s and our’s, this man practically already
brands to the (mumbles) – You guys are insane. Nobody is obsessed with you. Everybody gets these
emails and I need you, (phone bips) oh, sorry one second. Oh, it’s my boyfriend. He’s asking me to return the books I’ve borrowed or else I
get a 35 cents per day fee. – Real, – I know you’re just using that as an excuse to see me again,
Los Angeles Public Library. (laughs) – Tell me about it, These boys are obsessed.