Prevenir exacerbaciones de EPOC, Tratamiento 馃檮

Today I’ve come to Lima. In the background, the palace of justice. Today I’m here to tell you about the drugs that are capable of reducing exacerbations on patien with COPD. The COPD patiente are divided in two groups. The exacerbated and the not exacerbated. If you belong to the group of the exacerbated, then you have problems because exacerbated patients attend to the emergency services and require hospitalization more frequently. The patients with these needs deteriorate faster in relation with everything that is evaluated in this kind of diseases. The deteriorate because the cost of health care, because their pulmonar function test is worse, their quality of life is deteriorated as well and the mortality increases. This are patients die faster than the ones that doesn’t present exacerbation. That’s why a very important issue on respiratory health is knowing what kind of inhales must be chosen and what kind of meds must be picked tu treat the disease. There are several types of medications. Let’s star with the ones known as inhalers of short action. Among those there is salbutamol and ipratropium. Those medications reduce exacerbations. Medical evidence has been in relationship with medications of a longer action. Those medications are a game of words. I give you one, give you two even three. But each of those decisions have particularities that you must learn abot. If you get one medication that means picking from a Betagonist of long action or a anticholinergic of long action. Probably you are not understanding what I am sayin,g probably you think
supremely hard to understand but those are important decisions. it turns out that
that called anticholinergic of the reaction. There are several of them in the
Latin American market there are at least three. Those are drugs that have shown to
manage to reduce exacerbations. look you the funny thing is that you would think
that there is no important variation between one and another inhaler and it’s
transcendental the difference they reduce exacerbations is very
important but when they make the decision of two is called double therapy what
does is combine those of the reaction anticholinergic and protagonists and
you manage to multiply its effect that’s supremely important because a lot of
what doctors know today is that those two work better than one
then discuss that with your doctor doctor, you are going to give me a long action
or not give two reaction medications but it turns out that the doctor can also
make the decision to give you three inhalers that’s called triple therapy
so in that case it gives you both of the reaction
with inhaled steroids for Inflate your airway but not all
patients who have epoc are benefit from the three look what is
apparently two is more than one but three is not always more than two that
is another issue that is important that talk that you enjoy with the doctor and that
know that when you add that other inhaler that is the steroid can
have some risks but the patient who benefits greatly from it
It’s part of the reason why I’m teaching what are the alternatives
that you have not for you to auto formulas at no time prohibited the car
formulation but so that they have the ability to discuss with the doctor that
is one of the things that I’m passionate about make the critical lung channel and that
educate patients to their relatives in what are the best decisions
for them and with that I would like to help that you are better
but after the subject has been overcome of long-acting inhalers and
the combination and if it’s 1 2 or 3 then other possibilities come what are
those other possibilities if you are a bronchitis that throw lots of mucus
permanently and that is exacerbated frequently of that chronic bronchitis
there are medications taken that can help the problem of those medicines
taken that have many effects secondary but there is another possibility
that you have epoc and that it infects you with bacteria in repeated ways
Repeatedly do infections Look, they often say bronchitis
acute if that is happening to you then it is possible to give biotic tanti to
long-term antibiotics are given to short term you can watch a video that
publish recently about the use adequate antibiotics but in
this case especially in that there is a patient who has chronic bronchitis
epoc and it gets infected so bacteria does not It would be very helpful to have antibiotics
which are called macrolides for six months to a year what is the problem of
that decision that increases the resistance bacterial is to say when that patient
then he does a real pneumonia or is very bad or with an infection in another
body site then has been able make resistance that antibiotic that
is giving you that is the great difficulty that has this situation and has also
related to illness problems coronary
but the point is if you are a former observer if it happens in hospitals in the
emergency services it is necessary that evaluate all those options
treatment with your doctor do not stay with only receiving what is given with
frequency in the countries Latin Americans that already several studies
have shown that salbutamol and for tropic of the planet are the no
alternatives beyond that you can help you to reduce the
possibility that you pass in emergency and that you spend hospitalized if you liked the video
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the inhalers in patients who suffer of your illness of little you have in
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