Protect Our Future: Prevent Tobacco Sales to Minors

[gentle flute music] [laughter] [indistinct conversation] – The Family Smoking Prevention
and Tobacco Control Act is designed
to protect public health and reduce tobacco use
by children and adolescents. It grants FDA the authority
to regulate the manufacture, distribution, and marketing
of tobacco products. FDA plans
to collaborate with tribes to ensure tribal retailers
are also complying with the law. FDA inspects tobacco retailers
to make sure they’re not selling
regulated tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18 and that they’re checking IDs to verify the age of customers
under the age of 27. FDA uses actual minors attempting to purchase
tobacco products during some
of the inspections. – I need a ID. – Um, I left mine at home. – Uh, we need an ID. – You are required by law
to follow FDA’s rules when selling
a regulated tobacco product. Violations can result
in warnings, fines, or other enforcement actions. And though not required
by FDA, store owners could choose
to discipline employees who violate these rules. By following the law, you can help protect
tribal youth. There are
very important reasons to keep tobacco products
away from youth. [gentle flute music continues] American Indian
and Alaska Native youth have the highest prevalence
of smoking compared to any other
population group in the United States. [gentle flute music continues] American Indians
and Alaska Natives have an especially high risk of suffering from
tobacco-related disease and death. [gentle flute music continues] This is why it’s important for you to comply
with this law to ensure that retailers
and employees follow the rules when selling
a regulated tobacco product. [gentle flute music continues] Selling tobacco products
to someone underage could lead to addiction
to tobacco and be harmful
to their health. FDA’s rules apply to:
cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, roll-your-own tobacco, and smokeless tobacco, other tobacco products
such as e-cigarettes, pipe tobacco,
cigars, and hookah tobacco. The rules are simple. First, under federal law, it’s illegal to sell
regulated products to anyone under the age of 18, no exceptions. Second, retailers are required
to check the ID of all customers
under the age of 27 to confirm
they are old enough to buy
these tobacco products. Checking ID every time
is the law. It doesn’t matter
if they’re family, you know the person, or you’ve checked
their ID before. Age verification
is just one of many FDA tobacco sales regulations. However, the sale
of tobacco products to minors is the most commonly observed
violation. Under FDA rules,
retailers must always: – Can I get a pack of smokes,
please? – Uh, you have an ID? – Yeah.
Here you go. – Let’s see here. [gentle flute music continues] No, you’re not old enough, says right here. – Retailers may be subject
to fines from the FDA
if regulations are violated. If there are repeat violations
at a store, the FDA could even
ban the store from selling tobacco products
at all. Retailer businesses
are important. Don’t take risks
by taking shortcuts or giving in to friends
and familiar faces asking you to break the rules. [gentle flute music continues] Complying with the law
can stop a minor from buying tobacco products, the use of which
is the single greatest cause of preventable death
in the U.S. [gentle flute music continues] You’ll find more information
about this and other rules, including full-length
training videos and resources for retailers
at: Thank you for your commitment to keeping
your community healthy. [man vocalizing] [percussive music] [people vocalizing] [percussive music continues]