Quick Diagnosis by Emergency Room Doctor Leads to Heart Saving Surgery WTG

Wear the Gown, brought to you by CHISt.
Vincent. All right thank you. Wearing the gown is about learning important lessons
before it is too late. Tonight Craig O’Neill has a lesson for us told
through the experience of Mr. Walter Anger. You can bet at some point as
Walter Anger gets on his exercise machines he thinks back to that day he
met Dr. Mike Rose in the ER. You know, my job is to look for the more dangerous
things. Because of that Walter exercises under the watchful eye of a trainer. He’s
here because of that day after he helped his son move into the dorm. The next day
my back was hurting, and I figured I’d just pulled it or something. It was a
pain Walter couldn’t get a handle on. So, it was to the ER where the back pain as
it turns out wasn’t back pain. With pain in the upper back like that, though it
can also be atypical symptoms related to problems with your heart or problems
with your your blood vessels. The screen on the workout machine harmless, but that
day in the ER the CT scan of his heart said something else.
Aortic dissection, a tear in the inner layer of the aorta. It has very
high mortality even with aggressive treatment. It’s a dangerous condition. You
know when you have to start having discussions with your wife about where
life insurance policies are, then you know it’s
serious. How are you doing today? Obviously Walter would be okay
thanks to a team of doctors led by Dr. Rose that took immediate action.
I have several now and I’m happy for every one of them. Dr. Rose keeps close
tabs on Walter’s progress. This condition can be severe, but it’s also rare. If you
take a group of a hundred thousand people over the course of one year, well
then you’ll have two to five cases of it. Well it’s such a blur. I can only imagine. So Walt now takes steps to get better. He does what he’s told.
Which brings us to an interesting point that Walter made about this whole
experience. All of us, men especially need to hear. Wear the gown under your
conditions, not their conditions. I wore it under their conditions and it wasn’t
as easy.