Quit IT:Smoking Cessation Role Playing Coping Rehersal

Choose a coping card to add to your hand (Train passing by) I hate mondays and this is my first
Monday without cigarettes. I didn’t know Monday’s could get any
worse. Excellent! (6 Bell Dings) This tea isn’t the same thing as coffee. But, I guess that’s why it doesn’t make me feel like smoking. What are those flavors? Mint and Lavender? huh Since I gave gave up cigarettes I must be
getting my sense of taste…fade… Choice should lose put on her nicotine patch or should she take an additional coping
card. Click on your answer. The first thing in the morning, and I already feel like hot road kill. this headache and i think im gonna throw
up I better not throw up looking at it
will make me wanna throw up again. This is a terrible day to quit smoking You’ll never make it. excellent (6 bell dings) The patch does help, I just need to put more trust in it and give it time… I better get out there and lop off that dead branch… If it breaks it’ll take out Billy’s playhouse before he even has a chance to use it. or I suppose I could do what everybody
else does and count on FEMA fix it…… (Thunder) Hello this is Tom Hargrove I am a patient of
doctor Gillis. He said he’d have my test results today
and I could give him a call. Is he in please? I see. my yes that’s my cell phone thank you I don’t even care if he calls
me back. I don’t need some Doogie Howser right out of med school to tell me the Chemo’s working. I know it is I feel fine Baltimore in July and I am up on a roof. My shoes are full of sweat, my toes are going to boil in there like little cocktail weenies but it’s all good it we don’t die of
heat stroke and if we don’t run out of tar maybe we’ll finish this roof on time. We’re
never gonna finish this roof on time. Beautiful there’s the construction manager good choice (5 Bell Dings) Thanks but I’m trying to quit for my
kids. I haven’t smoked in two months So and then he asks me if he can see me
again, and I say you’re so drunk I’m not even sure you
can see me now! (Laughter) And how’s your love life Lizzie? What love life? I can’t seem to meet
a nice guy anywhere. What am I doing wrong? You’re not doing anything wrong. you just have to keep putting your
fabulous self out there be open to new experiences. You think I should call back that guy
who put the garter on me at the wedding? Some experiences are better forgotten! If he had slid that garter up that high
on me I would kicked him so hard his toupee
landed in the punchbowl! (laughter) You guys… … you always make me feel better. I know what else to make you feel better let’s go out have a smoke! Nicole – you know she quit smoking two days ago why are you giving her such a hard time? So you’re really serious about quitting
smoking? good choice (2 bell dings) You know I’d like to come to you but I
just can’t I’ll just stay here and nibble on these pretzels. We’ll be right back. Hi I’m Danny Choose a coping card to add to your hand. Marco: Back so soon? Anna: I couldn’t walk anymore I started to feel not so great. That’s too bad. Well go take a shower get in bed take it easy for a change I hope I’m not coming down with
something I know what you’re coming down with- a
case of maybe I shouldn’t have quit smoking! Your body’s all outta whack. It’s chilly in here. Was the window open? I needed some fresh
air. I’ve been in here going through job listings
all afternoon. You’ve were smoking weren’t you!? Anna things to self: That smells delicioso, maybe I shouldn’t have quit smoking. excellent (8 bell dings) So the five-minute rule says that urges spike and I just need to wait for
them to pass. just make it to the next tick of the
clock… I am starting to feel better already. Yeah I had one cigarette no big deal. No big deal!? You said you were going to
quit with me. I did quit and now I’m quitting quitting! How can you do that? A week ago I found cigarettes in David jacket remember? we decided we were going to set a good example thats risky (3 bell dings) Secondhand smoke doesn’t count does it? Maybe it will help me hold onto the train gets here. It’s not like I’m smoking… that’s risky (3 bell dings) Anna’s voice: I can’t take it! I’ve got to have a cigarette! Oh my goodness,looks like it was just a
bit too tough and Anna went ahead and smoked, Turns
out these kinds of slip-ups are pretty common among people who have
successfully quit. The key is what you learned from a
slip-up. Which mindset do you think is correct? This is a very natural reaction. B ut
beating yourself up for slipping isn’t helpful slip-ups are part of the
quitting process and don’t mean you have failed and can’t
quit. Be honest and objective about what happened. Ask yourself some questions like was
there something about the slip-up situation that I wasn’t prepared for? What might I
have done differently? What coping strategy might have been
effective for the situation? Remember coping tools are more effective
in some situations than others so pay attention to how the
triggers respond to use your tools effectively let’s get
Anna on that train