Rainbow Holo Smoke Nails | Mani-swap with Elleandish!

Are you trippin’ acid or are these nails just awesome? *cue epic nail porn intro* Holo everyone, it’s me Cristine again and today I am super excited to bring you something new to YouTube. All my fellow Instagramers out there have probably heard of this theme called a “Mani Swap”. And it’s when two different nail artists get together, choose a look that the other nail artist created, and then recreate that look on their own nails. And today, I’m bringing you a mani swap with Janelle from Elleandish. Back in January , Janelle did these awesome rainbow-y, smoke nails. I do believe she was initially inspired by BadGirlNails Who was inspired by ChalkboardNails, to do these smoke nails. So what that really means is… I was inspired by Elleandish, who was inspired by BadGirlNails, Who was inspired by ChalkboardNails… … to do these nails. Inspiration-ception For all of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing an Elleandish tutorial yet you must go check out her channel. I put the link down below in the video description box. I honestly love her videos. They are so well produced. Her editing is flaawless and so exciting to watch, she puts so much effort into it. Her tutorial’s are right to the point and straightforward… Unlike mine… *fake laugh* And she does a lot of tests on her channel like the tumblr Nail or Fail series. Which is what I picked this mani from. She also has these freaking adorable little nail polish bottles that talk to each other at the end of her videos. They’re like minions, but better. Because they’re nail polish. Also, have you heard her voice? *Janelle from Elleandish talking* “Hello everyone it’s Janelle, and today’s video theme will be a tumblr Nail or Fail”. Honestly, she could sing me lullaby’s. It is so soothing. *Cristine to herself* Okay Cristine, stop being creepy. Juuust go subscribe to her channel. Now let’s get staarted. Yees. So I had put on a peel-off base coat. Obviously… ‘Cause it’s going to be epic when I peel these off. And I’m just going to paint all of my nails black. *Some sort of western accent* Oops, don’t you hate it when you paint outside the nail. I just use a clean-up brush and acetone to get that out, but You black polish are very stubborn today! And now I’m going to aaadd a quick-dry top coat ‘Cause we’re gonna add nail vinyls next. Noo, we’re not. I’m just so used to saying that. We are not adding nail vinyls. Repeat. No nail vinyls. Next I’m going to take some bruushes. Ooo, nail art brushes. I don’t use these very often. And I’m going to take these nice, flat silky ones. You can find them at the link below in the video description box. ‘Cause we’re going to paint with acrylic paint. First I’m just going to add a little bit of water to my nail art mat. And then I’m going to mix in some white acrylic paint because that’s what’s going to give us the smoky effect. I am using this nail art mat, because it has these awesome little circles that contains the water and paint so that it doesn’t spill over and splash everywhere. You can find this really neat nail art mat at the link below, in the video description box. It’s almost as if I say that for every single product I mention. Oh my God, links are below? No kidding! That’s so much convenience. Does anyone remember when stores were called, “Convenience Stores”? heheh No one goes to them anymore. Because they just order online! So basically, what I was doing while I was blabbing was, adding a bit more water to the white to make it look kinda smoky and milky. Eww… milky And all you gotta do is paint that liquidy white right on your nail. Next now this is key in order to soak up some of the water to leave a smoke effect behind, you gotta get a fresh brush that’s dry because when the bristles are dry, they’ll pick up some of the watery shit. Sciiieeeenncceee. From here on out, I don’t really have any techniques to tell you in particular. *laughs* That was pretty much the technique, and now it’s just me f**king around. Right now, I think I was just adding more water to make it a little smokier, and make more, white stains… ’cause that’s really what you’re doing here, you’re staining your black nail with white. Crusty white stains… hey that’s what they are. Crusty white stains…. I decided to make the smoke a little bit whiter so that the rainbow nail polish we’re going to use next really popped over the white. Heeeeyy. that looks cool though. Those nails look dope do’. Snoop Doggy do’ do. Smoke a blow, Jo. …Woah, Cristine, woah I was trying to make a drug joke but that went in a completely different direction. Hey kids look! It’s all the rainbow neon polish. Everything is fine. Everything is fiiine. … So basically I just took my rainbow polishes one by one and put them in the mat. Added a bunch of acetone to it. I think you have to use 100% acetone. I’m not sure. But that’s what I did. And then sloppily… threw it on the nail. On top of the white stuff. Surely, I immediately realized that applying acetone on top of the acrylic paint, started to eat away at it. But I mean, that’s why I wanted to try out this design. You know? Try something new. You don’t know what the hell’s gonna happen. But it could turn out awesome. …which I think it did. Even though I didn’t know what I was doing while I was doing it. Isn’t that what all successful, amazing artists say anyways? “Oh I don’t know, I just threw it together and it turned into this piece that everyone wants to buy for a million dollars.” Not to worry, I will be putting these peelies up for auction on eBay. And so slowly, but surely, I more or less blended these three colours of nail polish together across the nail. But to make them even more fabulous we gotta add a holo topcoat because we can’t deny our holosexuality. Have you seen my, “What’s the best holo topcoat?” video? You should watch it, if you’re a true holosexual. Ooo, hey. What do you know? I think I just unlocked the galaxy bonus. These started as rainbow smoke nails, I swear. Buut everything is better with holo. Now I’m adding a final glossy top coat just to make these nails super shiny so that no one can miss them We can’t have anyone not see these in their life. That would just be… so sad. And bam! If you ask me, I would say that these nails look f**king great! I mean, like I totally intended it to look this way. so I knew that it was going to turn out like this. and look this good and this three – dimensional. I’m fully aware that this doesn’t really look anything like Janelle’s original mani, buuut sometimes I get carried away. S’okay S’okay. Now make sure the next thing you do is check out Janelle’s channel AKA Elleandish so you can see her recreate THIS mani of mine! Oh my God, I cannot believe she chose this one. I told her it was nail art suicide. But, she’s still alive, so… Props to her. Go find out how she did it, and how she survived by clicking the link below in the video description box. And don’t forget to subscribe to her channel. I hope you guys enjoyed this mani swap video. I thought it was pretty cool. And fun to do. It definitely gives me an excuse to try out some techniques that maybe I wouldn’t have otherwise, so… Yay challenges! Do you guys’ want to see some more mani swaps? Do you wanna? You wanna? You wanna? How ’bout you comment below which nail YouTuber you want to see me do one with next and I’ll see if I can make it happen. It was a thing on Instagram, so we’re going to make it a thing on YouTube. And now it’s time for that peel porn I promised you. Mmm.. Yeah. Slides right off my nail. Let’s do it again.. “Awee. You ripped me. You ripped me!” One more time… “No! Stop ripping me!” Oh no… I hate it when I break the shell. I still got ’em all to add to my collection. Muahahaha Crazy evil laugh. Alright guys, thanks so much for watching and I’ll see ya’ll later, bye! *epic outro music* *fin*