Reviewing WEIRD Nail Products! | China Glaze Nail Spray & Sally Hansen French Manicure Pen

Hey guys, it’s Clarice, welcome back to my
channel. So today I’m going to be testing and reviewing these nail sprays by
China Glaze and also this interesting French manicure pen. So let’s get right
into it. So I decided we’re first going to try
out this. So before opening this up I did a little research and watched a video by
Sally Hansen on how this works. So it’s basically a little pen that apparently
has some white nail polish or some other kind of color in it that you apply to
the tip of your nail, and it makes it kind of like a French tip. Ooh, so this is
what it looks like, really nice. Let’s see, can I open it? Mmm interesting. It looks
like it’s kind of like spilling a little bit. Yes so it does have some kind of
like white thing, oh there it is. I probably shouldn’t be using up too much
of it should I. Alright well what we do need to do is
prepare my nail so we can actually do a French tip with this. Maybe it needs to be
held upright because it was kind of spilling there. Okay so I want to
screw this back on and we’re going to prepare a nail so we can try this out.
So I actually did these nails in a Polish of the week video recently. You
can check that out here. But since then I have added a little bit of stamping just
to embellish the thumb in the ring finger a little bit, that was not in the
video. But that was just for fun. I think I’m going to need to peel all of these
off in order to test out everything I have for you today. And the peel off base
coat I’m using here is one that I DIY together with some glue and other things
but I’ve only worn these nails for a few days so they’re not quite getting a
perfect peel but that’s okay. They’re kind of working. I’m also taking a q-tip
dipped in acetone and just to soak off any remnants of nail polish that do not
peel off. Alrighty so it’s time to apply a new layer of peel-off base coat. This
is what it looks like. I’m just going to shake it up a little bit and then I’m
going to use this small brush that I always used to apply that to the nail.
I’m sure I’ll work just fine using this under our little experiments here. With
French tips I do kind of like to protect around
the nail because it can get onto the sides when I’m doing a French tip. Okay so
let’s read the instructions. On a protected surface press in tip for 30
seconds until saturated with Polish. I think it’s basically already primed in
that sense so you can press in the tip all right I think that’s good enough.
Then as you can do with French tips you can apply base color up and I’m going to
skip that step for this time. And then touch the pen to your outer edge of your
nail and rotate your finger. Now I think this is more designed for people with
shorter nails but I think I can make this work. And you can use it to touch up
tips wear, that’s a pretty good idea. Alright so I’m going to place it here
and then just kind of rotate it. Whoops it seems like it’s a little bit too much
paint in there. It’s kind of made a little mess but that is very opaque it’s
like it’s mealy okay though so whatever in here it’s sure a lot
runnier than polishes the way just ran everywhere it looks like this is coming
off with acetone well it looks like it’s drying in some parts not all the way
well that was actually pretty easy and the smile line looks pretty smooth it’s
not the best it might be kind of hard to see but I see some little chips a little
cracking around here where it’s drying I guess paint sometimes does that I feel
like this is more like paint and nail polish but and I’m gonna let this fully
dry to see what happens to those little cracks there but in the meantime let’s
go try out that nail spray so we have a bunch of instructions on the back I have
two different colors we have bright blue in patanè ium silver I want to try out
both first they want us to apply base coat and I’ve already done that then
you’re going to spray a light layer of the China Glaze colored nail spray onto
the nails and allowed to dry okay so I’ve got some newspaper I’m going to lay
down here hopefully I can do this without getting my french tip quick
oh wow well one thing I notice it’s definitely making my nail feel very cold
all right it seems kind of watery I wonder if it’s supposed to be like this
wow it’s tight a silver colored one okay that one looks like it worked better how
long will this take to dry well I’m going to give them five minutes and see
if they have dried any but back to the French tip nail I did apply another coat
because I saw it was cracking and I also smudge it a little bit so I put on a
little bit more of the pin and it’s looking pretty good just for fun I’m
going to do another one on my pinky while I’m waiting for the spray nail
polishes to dress okay so about three minutes later these spray nails actually
feel dry so let’s do another coat it seems very running it’s like it’s not
quite working very well let’s try the silver one again okay that one actually
seems to be kind of working so you can see the blue one isn’t seeming to quite
get opacity whereas the silver one is actually doing it a little bit all right
let’s do the third coat okay now that actually looks almost a
peg enough okay let’s do the blue one now okay that doesn’t look too too bad
all right let’s let these dry but while we wait for these to dry we have another
thing we could do I got a great suggestion from my last video on what I
could do with the spray pitches snails by Dani Anna asked that will be like a
great airbrushing look with stencils or vinyls so from what I know about how
these are working so far it might be a little bit tricky to get that look but I
think it’s worth a try so if you’re not familiar with what airbrushing is it’s
basically a tool that you use to spray paint onto the nails using this little
tool so you can do interesting designs like gradients and like watercolor it’s
really cool so I have these really cute unicorn vinyls I have french tip ones
Wow fancy that and I have these mermaid ones what should we do
hmmm I think I’m going to do the mermaid one because it’s more of a bigger image
that will cover the whole nail now we need to pick a base color maybe white
and gray black I think I’m actually going to do white so I’m going to paint
the nail white and then spray this on over it with the decal I think I’ll look
pretty cool and I’m going to be using this thumb for this design so we have a
lot of space to play around alrighty but back to these nails they
are driving in I’m going to do another coat of each so I think this is the
fourth coat the blue ones just having a hard time
getting a pink well let’s call this the last kill on these guys but back to the
French Dip nails we were doing earlier I do notice that has cracked more along
the tip there and then also the pinkie one is really looking correct so I’m
just going to go and add a little bit more kind of like the second coat and
we’ll see how these do alright guys so these have finished drying and as I
decided that would be the last coat so continuing on with the steps it’s now on
we’re now on step four apply topcoat and allowed to dry and
then after that you want to wash your hands to get off me spray that’s on the
skin interesting I’m going to apply this top coat which is actually $1 for top
coat but it does work okay it does have a
tendency to smudge I notice from it’s thick formula but I don’t notice any
smudging here which is pretty quick and I like that the brush is clear so that
you can tell if you picked up something you know I just thought of an idea I
could always tie the vinyl thing by putting the vinyls on these nails that I
did but checking up on our french tip nails they are kind of dried and they
don’t have any cracking so I’m going to apply a top coat I’m going to use the
boring pretty no smudge topcoat that I use sometimes for things like this I’m
also going to apply the same no smudge top coat to the thumb alrighty so
actually these two nails have been drying for some time and I think I’m
going to try out the vinyl on that I’m also going to stick it once on the back
of my hand to remove a little bit of stickiness I’m going to try it first on
the blue nail and then spray the grape spray over that I think the spray is having a hard time
and hearing to the top coat because it doesn’t look like it’s quite working
well I might as well pull off the vinyl and see what we got probably not much
yeah I just I ran all over the place huh well I am going to try again with you
right now let me prepare those so hmm this time I’m going to let it dry maybe
two minutes before peeling it off see if that helps a pattern stay there
alright now let’s peel it off okay we got a little bit of the pattern on there
yeah I think I should have used a regular base coat so I didn’t have to
worry too much about it peeling it up here I have just water on the q-tip and
it does appear to wash off the spray so that’s good alright so I’m applying a
nice much top coat to my mermaid design here it’s not a complete design it’s
almost there so let’s review so starting with the
French tip pen I do think that it is a pretty convenient way to make french
tips it did however as you saw kind of crack and when I did that first coat and
then had to do another one and also the paint in it is quite runny so it’s not
thick like nail polish I am however very pleased with the opacity of this like I
need to do several coats to fill out the opacity but it’s it’s basically a pagan
one coat so yes I think I would consider using this again if I am planning to do
a French tip design so I’m going to give this a four out of five it works pretty
well but it is a little bit tricky to use and for these guys hmmm what do we
think I’d say that it was probably a lot more trouble using these than just
painting it on with regular polish I feel like if the colour was a little bit
more intense maybe they would work better and the other thing was that when
I was spraying it on they would make my new it would make my nails feel very
cold some kind of reaction going on with the bottle and this nail was pretty fun
to do it has that new watercolor so I’m going to give these a three out
of five there are some little funny things about it but it’s always fun
trying out something so yeah that’s really cool well thank you so much guys
for watching me test these out I really appreciate you being here so if I
thought this was messy well this is really messy really mmm well I’m going
to give them five minutes and I’m standing in a puddle of nail spray I’m
also going to stick it once on the back of my there perhaps I shouldn’t be
tearing the packaging so much it has the instructions on it for my next video I’m
going to be doing another nail polish of the week this time with this red polish
from low real I think this one will be a neat one to swatch so if you’re not
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previous thing you can wear so I hope to see you in my next video thank you so
much for watching with me all the way to the end you’re really amazing and have a
magical day