Riverside BBQ School Low & Slow Smoking Courses

Welcome to the Riverside Barbecue School.
This is our second of two days of Low and Slow smoking courses. 25 people are
just about to come and join us for 7 hours of amazing barbecue flavour and fun.
We’ve got loads of things on, we’ve got some really nice pork ribs on here, so people are going to be smoking those with different wood, different rubs, on that as well. We’ve got that barbecue on,
just burning that one off now. Joe’s here as well, he’s got some nice things going on. We’ve got some lovely Jacob’s ladder beef short ribs, alternative to the pork ribs. We’ve got some picanha going on the rotisserie later, the Summit Charcoal’s set up for some brisket… And come in here and look
at the rest of the stuff we’ve got. We may have quite a lot on this course, okay.
This is amazing, Joe, what’s this one? This is a full packer brisket, so we’re going to trim this up and show people how to prepare it on any barbecue they’ve got. That’s a picanha? Picanha. We’re going to do that three ways: steaks, rotisserie, and some cubes. I’ve got a pork
collar here, so this is in place of, it’s like a smaller Boston butt if you don’t want something so big. This was amazing yesterday. Lovely, yeah. And I’ve got some pork belly here, which we’re going to smoke really heavily with wood, and then we’re going to compress it and we’re gonna chop this up a bit later into little kind of lardons. Some are going to go smoked mac and cheese and the others are going to go into the pit beans. These are two of yours as well. Yeah, so we’ve got some tri-tip here which makes a lovely alternative Sunday Roast. We’re going to reverse sear that. We’ve got cube roll here, we’re going to cut that up into some big boy rib eye steaks and
reverse sear those as well. Now, we’re going to do quite a lot of this in what’s called the ‘hot and fast’ method, which is showing people how to achieve great results
in a short space of time, but we also do something really special here.
If we have a little look here… We’ll lift this up – Joe what have we got in here? This is an 18 hour overnight brisket, so this is just resting in the cool box. So we’ve got the brisket on top, and then there’s a pork butt underneath,
both of those have been on overnight. And we’ll eat those later. And we also shouldn’t forget, we’ve actually got ox tail that we’ve smoked with a nice mesquite with a coffee rub on it
as well, we’ve wrapped those up. By the time that our guests eat those they’ll
have been going for over 20 hours. And I’m pretty sure that not many other people are doing that in this country. Don’t think so. If you want to come and join us next smoking course is next April, make sure you get in quick because they sell out immediately. Yeah. If you come and join us on any of our courses I can tell you one thing: it’s gonna be
Absolutely Fantastic. Hi, so I’m here at the Low & Slow Smoking Course. The reason I booked it – well actually it was a Father’s day present for myself – was to learn
how to use the Traeger grill. I’ve had a couple of attempts at it but they’ve not gone particularly well so I thought I’d learn from the masters themselves. But I thoroughly
recommend the course, I think it’s a great course. Great hosts, good food – the brisket, the 20 hour
brisket was the best so far. I’m looking forward to the rest of the day. Primarily, we’re just trying to, well to learn and get better results. We’ve cooked a few things, mixed results, a lot of panic. Yeah. So some of the things we’ve
taken away are just some tips and tricks on how to manage our smoker. I think for us, well for me anyway, the best thing I’ve tasted is probably the pulled pork, I really enjoyed that. Yeah, the
pulled pork was really good. The reason we’re here is I love meat, and as an anniversary present my lovely fiancée decided to get me a barbecue course. It’s a great present to give your partner, the way to a man’s heart is through food and this is a great place, honestly, to do that. It’s true. We’ve learnt so much today, we don’t have any fancy barbecues but it makes us want to get one, really badly. The snake way of cooking with charcoal is something we’ve learnt today, and the fact that you can just put something in overnight and let it go for twelve, fifteen hours and enjoy the meat afterwards is great. We’ve been picking up lots of small barbecue hacks, like even balancing meat with a knife when you just want to marinate and you’ve not got a spare pair of hands. We’re just learning through everything, it’s been great, it’s going great. Yeah, we definitely recommend it to other people. We’ll probably be back again. Yeah, we are going to come back again, definitely.