Rocky Patel Nicaraguan Cigar Review – Famous Smoke Shop

hey how about this a cigar with so much
rich Nicaraguan flavor they called it Nicaraguan yes sir
handcrafted in esteli Nicaragua exclusively for Famous Smoke Shop Rocky
Patel Nicaraguan cigars are ideal for the cigar lover who craves rich tobacco
taste in a full-bodied yet non overpowering smoke this well-balanced
Nicaraguan tobacco blend is highlighted by a dark flawless Habano wrapper that
adds even more savory flavor and aroma to these distinctive cigars offering
notes of earth cedar leather coffee some dark chocolate a dash of pepper and
sweet spice the cigars are made in three wide ring shapes you have toro which
I’m holding here the torpedo and a six by sixty which means you get a lot of
cigar at a very reasonable price now the cigars are presented in boxes of
twenty ten packs and five packs so not only is the price nice but you can
choose the quantity that best suits your budget the Rocky Patel Nicaraguan
selection is a great choice for experienced smokers but I’m also going
to suggest that newer cigar smokers who want to step up to a more complex
full-bodied smoked add these cigars to their must smoke list because they have
this great creamy smoothness and sumptuous flavor profile now if you’re
looking for an affordable price cigar that really defines how a great
Nicaraguan cigar should taste Rocky Patel Nicaraguan is it so give these
fine cigars a try I think you’re gonna be very pleasantly surprised and until
next time happy smokes