Shatter the Myths: Tobacco/Nicotine and E-Cigs

Music plays

On screen: Image of broken glass appears. Bands of color appears crossing the center of the screen.

On Screen text: Drugs: Shatter the Myths. NIH (logo), National Institute on Drug Abuse (logo) On screen: Close up of cigarettes left of center.

On screen text: Why do people smoke when they know it’s so bad for them? Maybe they smoke because they can’t stop. On screen: Black screen with smoke trail rising from the bottom. Pink “Fact” badge appears left of center.

On screen text: Most people who smoke started before age 18. On screen: Pink “Did you know?” badge appears left of center.

On screen text: Almost 1 in 10 twelfth graders used a hookah in the past year. A lot of people think it’s less harmful than smoking cigarettes, but many of the health risks are the same. On screen: Background changes to light blue

On screen text: Tobacco. Wrinkles, bad breath, yellow teeth, wheezing, stinky clothes On screen: Teenage male appears right of center. White lines point to various parts of the body affected by tobacco. On screen text: Addiction, skin damage, cataracts, wrinkles, mouth cancers, throat cancer, heart disease, lung disease. On screen: Background fades to black. National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week (logo) and Shatter the Myths (logo) appears center screen.

On screen text: For more information, including citations, visit:

Music fades out.