Smoke clouds & dreams: Fine art photography with Isabelle & Alexis (EU)

It’s a visual expression of this inner movement
that is creativity. It’s a way to show it. Before meeting Alex, I wasn’t touched
by taking pictures of places. I really loved to picture people. For me, the emotions were coming
from something really close. A friend of ours spoke to us
about this competition called “Paris, I love you”. So we decided to represent love
with a pink smoke bomb in Paris. This first experience was great
because we discovered that working together was so natural. Alex looks at space in a different way which makes me also open my eyes
to look at space in a different way. We tend to travel
as light as possible. Just one really good tool is enough. Many times,
we’d want to put the smoke bombs where we cannot physically go,
and we thought it would be dreamier if they appeared from the sky
with no point of origin. This project allowed us
the possibility to use drones and we have a lot of ideas
to evolve our series like this. The more you experiment in your life,
the deeper you get in your art. The aim is to achieve something
better and better each time. I think it’s not trying
to be different, but, listening to yourself
makes you different.