Smoke Vortex Wasn’t as Expected

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Today we’re setting up
some box fans to see if we can make a
homemade smoke tornado. Not too long ago,
we took a watermelon and we turned it into
a pull-tab smoke grenade. It worked really well. I was actually surprised
at how well it worked. And while it was going off,
I had a thought that I’ve seen videos of people who take a bunch of box fans and put them in a circle
with a fire in the middle and it makes just this
fire vortex tornado thing. It looks really cool. And I was wondering if you could
do the same thing with smoke. Well our watermelon did such
a good job of pouring out smoke in high volumes and multiple colors. That I thought we’d try the same
thing with the watermelon. But this time, we’ve got
8 of these box fans and we’re going to set them up
in a circle around the watermelon as it’s got the smoke coming out of it. And see what happens. I want to see if we get
a smoke vortex similar to the fire vortexes that have already seen. Here’s what we’ve got in mind. We’ll take these 8 box fans,
set them up in a circle angled just off center, put a watermelon absolutely full
of colored smoke powder in the middle, light the smoke,
turn on the fans and see what kind of result we get. Something’s weird
with that watermelon. With fire vortex videos I’ve seen,
they actually used a few more fans and spaced them out a little bit more. But fire gets hot enough
that it can actually start to melt components in the fans. This smoke may put off
a little bit of heat, but nowhere near that. So I feel pretty safe keeping it
right next to the watermelon. When you make a tornado with fire, the fire itself is hot enough that it really has a lot
of drafting force up. The heat is pulling those
flames upward quite a bit. I think we’re probably going to have
a slightly different result than fire. Rather than the sort of tube shape
that you get with a flame, we might get a different shape. I’m not sure. All right. Here we go. Light the fuse, quickly turn on 8 fans. Already got some swirling
just from the few smoke. It’s burning in a circle. It’s also not burning well. Smoke isn’t catching. The way this is like is burning
in a circle kind of. It’s so weird to me like
the smoke just comes out two or three holes at a time
in which two or three, it keeps circling around the watermelon. That’s sort of a cyclone. Just getting yellow now. Oh there we go. Interesting. That even with the watermelon
lifted up a little bit, the smoke still gets drawn all
the way down to the ground. All right. Our watermelon smoke bomb is well, apparently it’s not
completely burned out. As the smoke burns,
it leaves some like oxidized smoke powder at the top and that can
smother what’s down below. So if I stirred that up,
we’d probably get a little bit more burning out of it. All of our watermelon
smoke powder smoke is gone up. It swirled around in
pretty interesting ways. I think I was right
that the lack of heat raising it up caused it
to swirl around in more of a whirlpool style than a tornado style. But it still looked really neat. Although there is still one
more thing I want to try. And that’s just to put a little bit
of fuel inside this watermelon, and light that with the fans
going and see if we can get a little bit of that fire vortex. Haha! Fire tornado! That works great! Random fact. Winds inside of a tornado
can reach up to 300 miles per hour. That’s 480 kilometers per hour. A little bit of natural breeze
comes in it like ruins it. Fun stuff! Smoke whirlpools
and fire tornadoes. It was interesting to see
the difference between how fire reacts and how smoke reacts, and like I said, I think that’s
because the fire has the heat that’s pulling it up so fast. Whereas the smoke, while it is warm, it’s not so much warmer that it’s just trying
to shoot into the sky the same way the flames up. Are there any other things
you want to see us try with this fan setup? I have some ideas of my own but I want to hear
your thoughts. All right guys, we’ve got time today for a couple more question and answers. So here we go. First question is from Jeremy Molinari. Who asks, what are some
of your biggest problems you’ve come across when having to
build all of these crazy projects? Oh let’s see. I would say that the biggest
problem we run into is that when we have cool build projects
like we’re making something to show you how to do it. A lot of the time there
aren’t any other people who have done that project. Sometimes we do projects
that have been done in other ways and we’re just
trying to give our own twist on them. But when we’re really trying to come up
with how to make something from scratch, the problem is
that we don’t have any instructions to follow. If there were good instructions
out there already, then we wouldn’t necessarily
be making a video on it. So all the time we’re trying
to show you how to do something that we didn’t know how to do. And so it takes a lot of research
and a lot of trial and error and sometimes we have
to do multiple prototypes. We’ll try building something
and it doesn’t work or only a little bit of it works and so we
have to take the part that does work and just build a new one. And doing that over and over
takes kind of a lot of time. And unfortunately, I don’t have all of the time in the world. So if things are taking too much
time, I often have to give up on something for a while
and come back to it later. So that I have time to just go on
and make other projects, other videos, other experiments
and stuff like that. So time restraint is really
one of the big ones in that if I can’t find enough information
of how to do something, I have to just figure it out
by trial and error myself. While I like doing that,
it sometimes can end up being this big old project for
something that’s relatively small. I don’t want to spend three weeks trying to figure out how to do something. That’s really only a, it should only be a 10 or 15 minute project. Thank you Jeremy for your question. I hope I answered it satisfactorily. Our next question comes
from a user named Tracer, who asks, will there be live streaming
or podcast type content? Tracers, yes and no. Yes to some of that. Podcast type content,
we’re not probably going to have anything that
really resembles a podcast. But I think we are going to try
and do more of this type of thing where in some videos we
take a little bit of time to talk about some other random stuff. Things coming up on the channel
would be a good topic. I think we might get
into that a little bit. I don’t think we’ll probably going to get
into playing video games on the channel or streaming video games. But I’m not going
to rule it out. I personally am not very good
at most video games. I’ve played some. I’ve enjoyed some. But I’m not a big gamer. Sharing some maker tips and like. That’s something I
actually do quite like is the idea of sharing maker tips
in these after video question answer sessions which will like
I’m trying to explain will be a little bit more general. It won’t just be
question and answer. But we’re just getting into it
and figuring out a good flow for it so far. But that is a great idea and I am going to start writing
down tips and ideas I have. Sometimes I have things that I would
like to share that don’t necessarily fit in a specific project video. But it would be a great idea to just
sort of start making a list of them and share them with you
as they come up. I think, they would be really good
for me to focus on those. I think it would help
me come up with more ideas and do better work and hopefully it would
help some of you as well. Getting to share those ideas
and get them out there. So thank you Tracer who also has the handle @tracerm6c. Thank you for your question. Hope I answered that for you. Thanks for tuning in. Guys there’s more for you to see. The box up at the top
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