Smoking Crack in Hell’s Kitchen

-You take your crack
and you put it in this top piece right here, then you burn it. For most people,
the pleasure is seeing the clouds. And after that it’s going,
that’s your high. There is no more. -[rapping]:
Attention, users and abusers -[rapping]:
Down and out losers -Stop chasing that cloud -(both)
It never fails to elude ya -Spendin’ that money like it’s
-Minute Maid -(both)
You get two bits charged On a whole week’s pay -Feels like you’re on cloud nine.
You got to get another one. -It’s called the five-stage high -It’s like 24/7 -(both)
You’re at the crack spot -It takes you out of the world,
you know, where you feel, you know,
when you feel confused and you feel alone and you feel a lot of
pressure and everything. It’s like you’re going to take a hit. -You take a chillin’ -When you’re illin’,
movin’ 80 miles an hour -You can’t slow down
-Got no willpower -Once you start getting high,
you really don’t think about tomorrow or the next day. You know, you just think about
getting another hit. Are you getting all of this? -(interviewer)
How do you feel now? All right. -Five seconds ago,
I was real tired. Right now, I got energy. I can get up from here now
and walk to the moon. Okay? I can get up
and walk to the moon. I’m good now.
I’m good to go. The reason I’m doing this
interview is ’cause number one, I’m tired of this place,
Manhattan, I’m sick of these
people around here and I’m leaving right now.
I’m out of here. Okay? I’m going back to
where I came from. If anybody sees this tape
and you know me, you know I tried,
you know where I came from. You know what I used to be, and I’m gonna get it again. -Why do you do it? -The first time I did it was because I wanted to
hang out with some girls. And I found out
that if you give the majority of females out here,
you give them a little… something that look like that.
You got a shot of that? You can do damn anything
you want to ’em. Okay? Okay, that’s number one. Number two is I never felt anything
like it before. I’m like in my own world.
I’m gonna tell you something. I’m not scared to say. I ain’t had sex with a woman
in at least three months ’cause I’m too busy chasing crack. I haven’t had an erection
in three months because I’m too busy
chasing crack. I even got to the point where
I don’t even care about women. I don’t care about men. I don’t care about nobody
but me getting another hit. I’ve been up three days now. Can you tell? I’ve been up three days. And three days, if you count down
the mileage that I walked, I walked from here
to at least the White House. It just looked like
a big rock on a hill. A’ight.
That’s about how far I walked. And the last couple days,
I went through in cash, maybe two thousand. The way I get it from,
who knows? It just comes. Captioned by