Spirometry: how to take a lung function test

Okay, how old are you? Twenty seven. How tall
are you? 154cm. Do you smoke, or have you ever smoked? No. Do you suffer from asthma?
No. At first you take this nose clip, then I will give you this device. You take it like
this. You will inhale to the maximum, then you take the mouthpiece to the mouth, then
you will exhale completely. There are two important aspects: firstly you have to exhale
as fast as possible in the first second, and secondly you have to exhale completely, so
that you make sure to get all the air out of your lungs. Okay? Mm-hmm. I will support
you with this, I will tell you when to stop and we will approximately have to do it three
times. Okay. So put on the nose clip please. Okay, here we go. Okay? Yes. Okay, keep going,
keep going… perfect! Okay, could you focus on inhaling a little more if possible? And
on the other side, exhaling a little longer? Right. Okay. Do you want to have a little break?
Yes. Okay. So are you ready? Yes. Perfect. Okay. Lets have another try and as I said
before try to focus on inhaling completely, and exhaling to the maximum. Okay, here we
go. Keep going, keep going, keep going… Okay! It is hard to keep breathing towards
the end! Yes but this was a nice try. Yes? Maybe we will have one or two more and then
we are ready. Okay. Just relax a little and tell me when you are ready. Ready? Mm-hm. Okay so once again. Keep going, keep going, keep going… Okay. Okay when looking through
your lung function tests, we firstly look at this FVC value which shows us the total
capacity of your lungs. The second parameter we look at is the FEV-1 FVC value, this shows
us a potential obstruction of your airways, your large airways. Literally you got precisely
100%, so you got a really nice lung function testing. Okay. Congratulations. Thank you.