Spray Gun in a Can! Eastwood Exclusive. Aerosol with Activator – 2K Aero-Spray from Eastwood.

yeah yeah hi this is JR product manager for the
eastwood company today you can find anything in an aerosol a lubricant
penetrate cleaner degreaser I’ve even seen pancake mix in yourself
and today’s paints are no exception today’s technology gives you some great
paints but they’ll never stand up to two component catalyzed your thing and here
at Eastwood we figured out how to put into component catalyzed your thing into
an aerosol let’s see how we did it here at Eastwood
we’ve been able to harness are two components around the urethane
technology that normally requires an activator and a paint can and put that
into a single aerosol so let’s look at the design of this
unique can starting at the top there’s a red button in the capital show you that
in a second but the actuator button is the best you can buy it has a fan adjustments pray for
vertical and horizontal patterns inside the can this is the secret this unique cartridge
holds the activator and once punctured the activator mixes with the paint and
now you have a two-component catalyst system you want to see how it works you take the red button on the bottom so
what are the advantages of our 2k inner space system versus a single component
paint or even a paint gun first one is durability ceramic fortified a wide
spray pattern five times that of a normal aerosol ease of application
faster dry x 300 degree fahrenheit temperature resistance superior chemical
resistance superior marring and scratch resistance and no cleanup found with a
paint gun I remember when spraying out a
two-component catalyzed paint always wear proper respiratory protection as
well as skin protection now let’s go spray this out and show you
how it compares to regular auto parts store paint yeah so if you want to oversell Cody’s to
provide superior durability and wide covers click on the link below and by today