Sprayidea® spray adhesives – Dayang Aerosol Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd

Dayang aerosol build up in 2008 is chinese manufacturer with combination of r&d .Covering an area of 12,000 square meter. Dayang, owns filling facility which has a production capacity of 120 to 300 cans per minutes thus offering annual output over 70 million bottles. Industrial experienced professors are the source of Dayang’s high-tech, providing the most reliable technical support for our development. Now We have achieved many patents like invention patents, Patents for utility model and design patents. Dayang aerosols are mainly applied to textile and garment, building and decoration, wind power automotive interior, acoustic materials aerospace facilities hvac. heat screen printing. Soon we will have some other patents aerosol products, which can fulfill the domestic blank market.With such good reputation in various industries, our products have been exported to Asia, Europe, America and other areas in the world.