Stage 4 Lung Cancer Metastasized to Brain & Bone

My Name is Sally & as you can see it’s Christmas
and nobody ever thought id be at the table at this time of the year. January I was given a diagnosis of Stage 4
Lung Cancer that has metastasized to the brain and the bone. the oncologist at that point in time gave me maybe
3 to 4 months to live. well, we opened up the wine, and we began to
‘celebrate’. During this journey, I discovered Cannabis
Oil I take dosage in the morning and at night (MJS CBDDaily & CTherapy) I take topical Morning & Night (CannaHeal) Ive just been given a new bottle, it’s strawberry
flavored I don’t know what this is gunna do but it will taste good. (MJS Strawberry Wild Nectar) I have gone on a high alkaline diet &
VERY MINOR CHEMO 45% dosage. As you can see, NO HAIR LOSS!! Today, the brain cancer is basically GONE. The bone cancer, their not saying is gone……. they just CAN’T SEE IT! The Lung cancer…..the lung cancer has shrunk MORE THAN A THIRD……. Life is good & I’m looking forward to the
Kentucky Derby In May!