Stop Smoking Groups across Scotland

Congratulations by getting in touch with us you’ve already taken a big step towards stopping smoking The combination of stop smoking sessions like these with nicotine replacement therapy greatly increases your chances of success In fact you’re four times more likely to succeed by stopping smoking this way than by doing it on your own You may be wondering what the sessions are like but don’t worry Whether you go to a group or have one-to-one sessions You’ll find them friendly welcoming and supportive There is no lecturing or preaching and the sessions are very informal They will help you decide whether to use nicotine replacement therapy NRT for short or another form of medication At each one you’ll monitor your carbon monoxide levels so you can actually see the difference quitting is making to your health So even if you’ve tried before and failed this is a different way of quitting You’ve already taken the first step to successfully stopping smoking now it’s time to take the next one and contact your local stop smoking service